Math is hard to graduate in Business Administration

How much math is there in the course?

"I am totally interested in economic issues, I also like to travel and really want to work internationally. I don't enjoy math that much, so I wonder whether an international management degree is the right one. How much math does the degree include?"

How good do you have to be at math to study international management?

Hardly any school subject is as divisive as mathematics - either you love math or you hate it. But how good do you really have to be at math to start studying international management? Many prospective students ask themselves this question before starting their studies. The short answer is: You should be able to handle numbers!

The International Management course is a course from the business administration context, in addition to topics from economics and management, the subjects of business mathematics and statistics are also part of the course of study. Correct use of numbers and a certain understanding of mathematics play an important role, especially in the area of ​​controlling and financial management.

But don't worry: You don't have to be a math genius to study International Management. Many universities teach their students the most important basics of mathematics and statistics again during the first two semesters. So you don't have to have attended an advanced math course at school or have achieved 15 points in your Abitur.

But it is still important: You should have a certain understanding of math and be able to handle numbers. Because Without any knowledge of math and a sense of numbers, you will not be able to cope with the International Management degree.

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