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Gmail: How to send mail to groups

Birgit Götz, Jim Martin

If you often have to send messages to extensive address lists in Gmail, it makes sense to create groups for them so that you don't have to compile the recipients every time.

With Gmail you can quickly add several people from your contact list as recipients of a mail. However, if the group of people is very large and you have to send e-mails to these recipients frequently, it makes more sense to group these people together. You then only need to enter the group name if you need to contact these people again.

Here's how to create a contact group in Gmail:

After you have logged into Gmail in a web browser, click on the menu icon in the top right corner and select contacts .

Hover over the contacts you want to add to the list and click the check box that appears to add them to the list. You may have to scroll through your contact list a lot to find everyone you want to add to the group because you can't use the search feature here.

Now look for the menu item Labels (usually in the left column) and click on it. Now you choose Create label and enter the name for your group. click on to save . Reset your contact selections by clicking in the white area anywhere on the page.

Now you can send your first mail to this group. Either go back to using the menu icon in the top right corner of your browser window Gmail or directly to www.gmail.com.

Click the "Compose" button on the left and enter the name of the group in the field where you normally enter an email address.

Gmail should now display the group. When you click it, Gmail will add the group members' email addresses in the To field.

If you would like to send the mail to yourself so that you have it in your inbox with all recipients on cc, click on the right-hand side either on Cc or Bcc (blind carbon copy). Just enter the group name in one of these fields, but remember: Cc lets everyone see who received the mail, Bcc, on the other hand, only shows recipients their own mail address and yours. You therefore do not know who else you have sent the mail to.

If Gmail doesn't show anything when you enter the name of your group, just hit 'To' and a new window will open.

Use the drop down menu my contacts to select your group, which will then display all members of the group. Click on the left select all and on the bottom right Insert . You can also choose just the people you want to include, or you can select all and then deselect one or more people you do not want to send the mail to.

You can add or change who is in the group by going back to Google contacts walk. Select the contacts you want to add to the group, click Labels and then on the existing group name from the list. To remove someone, select them in the same way, click Labels and then on the group name. This will remove the blue check mark on the right.

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