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Translation of "backgammon" in Arabic

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backgammon is the oldest game in the world.
I didn't even know that we were one backgammon Have game.
أنا لم أعرف من الاساس ان لدينا لعبة الطاوله
Maybe we should see if the copilot is with us backgammon or something like that wants to play.
ربما اعتقد أن نرى ما إذا كان مساعد الطيار يريد أن يلعب الطاولة أو شيء ما.
He plays in the hotel casino most evenings backgammon.
Instead I should backgammon play with you and Busmalis?
He has a really nice one backgammon set up there.
I thought they were playing there backgammon!
Mostly paper work and backgammon, as far as I know.
معظمه عمل ورقيّ وألعاب نرد ، كما أذكر
Given the way you wrinkled your nose ... when I was with you one evening backgammon and Rosé suggested ...
بالحكم على مدى سرعة رفضك عندما عرضت عليكي ليلة من لعبة الطاولة و نبيذ روزيه
Beau, will you join me for a round backgammonwhile the lovebirds quarrel?
(بو) ، أتلعب معي طاولة الزهر ريثما تنهي طيور العشق شجارها؟
Call Selami to the backgammon play.
اتصل بـ (سلامي) ليلعب معي طاولة
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