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Cheap London Vacation: 10 Free Things to Do & See

Is a vacation in London expensive? Does not have to be! We have put together exciting activities and sights in England's wonderful capital - all completely free of charge and with guaranteed fun for every taste!

1. Camden Market

In north-west London is Camden Market, the shopping paradise par excellence - especially for those who love the unusual. As a former travel stop between London and Hampstead, Camden has always been a lively trading center, but today's market has little in common with the industrial area of ​​yore: Nowadays the area lives mainly from four large art and fashion markets, which are next to all sorts of curiosities and unique fashion items with a strong tendency to find alternatives. Also nearby is Primrose Hill, a beautiful park area which, thanks to its location, overlooks all of London and is therefore often referred to as the most beautiful viewpoint in London. You can even attend druid rituals there eight days a year!

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2. London Street Performers

Anyone who has ever been to London and taken a walk there is sure to have met them: London's famous street performers. Especially around Covent Garden and along the Thames jugglers, mimes, magicians, musicians and other artists cavort and show off their skills to the enthusiastic audience. Those who particularly like them can join a little free one after the performance Thank you donation.

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3. Rock like a star!

If you have found the perfect outfit for your next concert after shopping, you can put it on display in the evening at one of the many free music events! London offers free gigs for every taste in music almost every day all year round - from rock to classic across all genres. You can find an overview of all events here at TimeOut.

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4. British Museum & more museums

After rocking out the day before, is it time for something a little quieter? How about a culture day in London's many free museums? The British Museum alone offers around eight million pieces as part of its permanent (and freely accessible) collection, constantly supplemented by temporary special exhibitions. But not only the exhibitions themselves are impressive, the building also fascinates with its unique architecture - and when you first enter the huge, circular reading room with a domed roof, even the greatest reading rate is guaranteed to be breathless. In addition to the British Museum, London also offers numerous other free museums and exhibitions, such as the picture collection of the National Gallery, the Bank of England Museum, the British Postal Museum or the Imperial War Museum. No matter what you are fascinated by - London's exhibitions offer interesting and worth knowing for every taste.

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5. Harry Potters Platform 9 ¾ (Kings Cross Station)

While we are already talking about childhood dreams, the Platform 9 Kings Shop at Kings Cross train station, which was built especially for Harry Potter fans, should of course not go unmentioned. For some time now, lovers of the little magician have not only found the right platform signage there, but also a trolley that is half stuck in the wall, as well as an associated shop with all kinds of Harry Potter fan articles. An absolute must for every would-be magician!

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6. Hamleys ‘play paradise

Let's be honest: who wouldn't want to be a kid in the toy store again? At Hamleys London it doesn't matter at all to really bring the child back to life as an adult - everyone does that there, I promise. On a total of six floors, the young and the young at heart can expect not only trial versions of the toys on offer all year round, but also daily puppet shows, participatory activities, visits to famous children's heroes, competitions and exhibitions. For example, the new Hamleys Underground, a separate department of the store that is entirely dedicated to the city's iconic subway and features, among other things, the driver's cab of a real subway train that went into operation in 1970, recently opened Young and old can take photos.

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7. Hyde Park and Royal Parks

When you think of England, three things inevitably come to mind: The Windsors, tea and spacious green spaces - London has plenty of all three to offer, but nothing beats a long stroll through the Royal Parks, especially the famous Hyde Park. Located in the center of the city and easily accessible by almost all public transport, Hyde Park offers everything from quiet areas between beautifully designed flower beds to fountain landscapes, between which you can have pleasant picnics, to wide paths on which - extremely trusting ones - Squirrels frolic in flocks, everything that delights the nature lover's heart. The perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of entertainment!

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8. Alternative London Walking Tour

After downtown London you want to explore the more unknown areas of the city? Then the Alternative London Walking Tour could be just the thing for you! The two-hour tour takes you through London's up-and-coming East End, a neighborhood that has recently been best known for its alternative way of life and high density of artists. On the website you can watch a short video of what you can expect.

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9. Greenwich

A successful visit to England's capital should definitely end with a trip to Greenwich. In addition to the famous Royal Observatory, in which you can admire the prime meridian (for a fee), the beautiful district of London also offers a spacious park, the highest point of which offers a breathtaking view of the whole of Greenwich and South London. In addition to various museums and exhibitions, Greenwich also has the wonderful old tea ship Cutty Sark, which after its reopening in 2012 can now be visited again in the harbor - and those who want to afford it can even visit the inside.

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10. Free workshops

If you haven't had enough after all the action, don't worry: there is always something new to discover and learn in England's capital - for example in the numerous workshops that are held there every day and completely free of charge. Regardless of whether you've always wanted to try yoga, complete a photo editing course or prefer to become a songwriter - London offers the right free workshop. For an overview of all courses currently on offer, simply visit the Gumtree website.

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