How do I deal with people with confidence

20 things that truly confident people do differently

10. Confident people stand by their feelings


Those who are confident can also afford to show their feelings. It is easier for those who know their own abilities and potential and who stand by themselves. You can learn from other people without setting yourself apart from comparison.

Do not judge what you are not directed at. You don't get better by making others bad. Therefore, they do not evaluate other people in order to upgrade themselves.




11. Confident people take on challenges


Whoever fights can lose. Who does not fight has already lost.

Bertolt Brecht


Quietly get out of the comfort zone and face the demons, also do not turn a blind eye to unpleasant truths. Self-confident people have the courage and often even joy in taking on challenges and growing with them.

Beliefs and successes in coping with a difficult situation strengthen the belief in one's own abilities and thus to a so-called self-efficacy expectation. A high expectation of self-efficacy leads to high demands on oneself, which is why more demanding, difficult challenges are sought. A good performance with these challenges then leads to confirmation or increase of one's own self-efficacy expectation.

In doing so, self-confident people know how to decide for themselves which challenges they will face. Trying to pull them to the cart for tasks that do not correspond to their own values ​​and beliefs or even contradict them have little chance of success. They are not so easily distracted from their path. If you are on your way, you are just as confident.




12. Confident people have overarching goals


Having overarching goals and being part of a bigger whole increases your self-confidence immensely. It provides orientation and thus security, which affects decisions, behavior and charisma.




13. Confident people influence


We demand that life must have a meaning - but it only has as much meaning as we ourselves are able to give it.

Hermann Hesse


If not me, who! - Knowing where influence can be exerted and taking responsibility for it requires courage and self-confidence; to do it and to be true to yourself promotes further self-confidence.




14. Confident people have stamina


A little headwind is quite refreshing. Where others hide behind excuses, they take responsibility, dedicate themselves to causes and effects.

Others speak of strong will and discipline when they stick with it, learn from the feedback and get to work creatively again. It is well known that the journey is the goal.




15. Self-confident people are capable of learning, curious and constructively critical


Confident people are not followers. "If you don't think in your own way, you don't think at all." Said Oscar Wilde. Opinions and information from other people are reflected openly and curiously in order to then be evaluated ourselves instead of blindly adopting them. Inquiries do not dishonor, arrogance and ignorance do!




16. Confident people value feedback


Those who are at peace with themselves are better able to accept feedback and make sense of it for themselves. Anyone who develops and dares to leave the comfort zone does not always meet immediately, but learns from the feedback.

They become active not only because they think they are always right, but also because they are ready to make mistakes, to stand up for them and to develop further.




17. Confident people ask for support when needed


Confident people do not shy away from asking for help when needed, while insecure people do not want to be naked under any circumstances.

Such a person can acknowledge that other people also have competencies. This is something that narcissists, for example, would go very against the grain.




18. Confident, confident people communicate more effectively


The feeling of security is noticeable in a more relaxed communication. There are more breaks where others are afraid of being interrupted. With self-confidence it is much easier to represent interests calmly and consistently.




19. Confident people have confident body language


The state of mind is reflected in the body posture, and the other way around, the posture has an effect on the psyche. Self-confidence as being convinced of one's own abilities and one's own worth as a person is also expressed in a self-confident manner. The body language is authentic and radiates the inner attitude, conveys security, as well as eye contact and voice.




20. Confident people ...


... are superheroes! At least that's the impression when someone considers the entire list as a claim.

100 points, done! If it were that easy ... Even the bearded one Socrates sees it differently: "Whoever believes to be something has stopped becoming something!"

Do I need to mention that this is not a one-time checklist? Once achieved and then forgotten forever ... it doesn't work that way. It is an attitude, a life work that requires repetitive, if not constant, attention. In any case, she will be rewarded!


As soon as you trust yourself, as soon as you know how to live.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


In the sense …