How do corporate sales profiles help

our services - industrial exploitation and auctions

The services include all tasks associated with the profitable recovery of used goods. The sale of the goods is carried out in the form of a tendering process. The company's experience and the use of modern, specially developed software ensure that all business processes are carried out efficiently and quickly and that the costs are kept at a low commission rate. By means of suitable control measures, we guarantee that all statutory provisions are observed when recycling. Orders with special requirements or conditions are processed separately in consultation with the client. We have an auction permit in accordance with § 34 GewO and are also available for face-to-face auctions in special cases.

The sale takes place in accordance with the general terms and conditions ex warehouse in the condition in which the material is when the order is placed. We conclude the contracts in our own name for the account of the client and ensure that all contractual agreements are fulfilled by the buyer.

We take over the technical recording and evaluation of the goods released for recycling and convert the order into an offer that is in line with the market. We ensure publication on the Internet and other suitable media.

We determine the highest bidder using modern EDP evaluation and notify him at short notice. We ensure correct contract processing, take over all financial and commercial processes, check receipt of the invoice amount and then issue the buyer with a collection authorization. The collection of the goods is controlled. We also take care of all tax, customs and foreign trade matters. The client does not incur any expense or risk in the utilization.

advanced services

With the “Systematic Processing” service package, we would like to manage promptly, in cooperation with and under the leadership of the respective administrator. Your recourse to the resources of our experience and competence prevents you from getting entangled in the individual processing and allows you to concentrate on the essentials. In every process, it is not the large sales and exploitations, but rather the supposedly small tasks, obligations and errands that make processing so laborious, costly and personnel-intensive. This is where our service begins:

Inventory and preparation of reports
Securing and storage
Backup of files
Replacing the locks
Preventing evacuation and attacks
De-registration of vehicles
Turning off heating, gas, electricity
Auctions and free sales
Complete clearing of the business and production rooms
Planning and implementation of retirement appointments
Timely billing

The field of activity naturally begins with a detailed, EDP-supported inventory according to the inventory requirements of the Inso, divided into fixed assets with machines and technical systems, operating and business equipment and the vehicle fleet. The current assets with raw materials and supplies, finished products and goods and other assets. Third-party rights are identified and identified separately in our reports. Objects are appraised with both the break-up value and the going concern value.

Under the direction of the administrator, all control functions, liquidation planning, cost recalculations up to the assessment of the need for restructuring and the essential key data for an insolvency plan are worked out and carried out. The main objective of the insolvency proceedings is to maintain operations and sell them as part of a transferring restructuring. A company sales profile with the most important key data as well as the results of the insolvency plan is set up for companies that are worthy of restructuring and that are viable and offered to potential interested parties from the respective economic fields.

When a complete sale fails, the auctioneers' hour strikes. We know the business with great experience. The result often exceeds all expectations. The remaining quota is below 5% and is then regularly actually scrap. Upon request, we will take care of clearing and, if necessary, disposal after the auction. The backup of business documents as well as file storage, file inventory and destruction is part of the offer. The entire processing and exploitation with the use of our capacities lives from the regular exploitation reports and a lively flow of information. Despite the latest communication technology, we continue to try to improve.

We would like to talk to you personally about the possibilities and opportunities of our range of services and an extended cooperation. You can also reach us at any time by phone or email.