Is it worth growing male eyebrows

Growing eyebrows: now we're wearing boy-brows!

When it comes to our eyebrows, many of us would like to travel back in time and take the tweezers out of the hands of our younger selves. Because while we plucked our brows as thin as possible in the 90s and early 2000s, today we cry after our thick eyebrows. Instead of tweezers, we use an eyebrow pencil, powder and brow gel, because thick eyebrows have been in for a few years - and will remain so.

The latest trend is 'boy brows', eyebrows that look fuller and more natural. Means: Get rid of the tweezers and let your eyebrows grow!

Here you can find out exactly how the trendy boy brow look works and which tips you can use to grow your eyebrows faster and thicker.

Growing eyebrows: this is how the 'boy brow' look works

As the name suggests, the beauty trend is inspired by the natural, full men's brow. The thicker the hair, the better. But the shape of the eyebrows is also decisive for the boy-brow look.

The eyebrows should no longer be plucked into a sweeping arch, but should instead remain in their natural, straight shape. The straight shape makes the look particularly casual.

Boy Brows: How to Style Natural Eyebrows Correctly

For those who like the casual boy-brow style, plucking is now strictly prohibited. Because first the brows have to gain density and fullness. Only the hairs that grow between the brows should be carefully removed.

Style boy brows: this is how the look works

For the perfect styling, the first step is to comb your eyebrows with a brow brush. It's best to hold the brush a little upwards. In this way, the hairs are straightened up a little and optically gain volume.

Then small gaps are filled in fine lines with a matching eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. Finally, you can brush your brows with transparent brow gel and give them hold.

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Growing eyebrows: 4 tips for thicker brows

Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure that will give you fuller brows overnight. Nevertheless, there are a few tips you can use to accelerate the growth of your brows:

# 1: Fuller eyebrows from massages

Sounds strange, but makes sense: With gentle massages of your eyebrows you can not only remove dead skin and stimulate the blood circulation in the skin. You also stimulate the hair roots, which stimulates the growth of the hairs. This works well with a soft toothbrush or with a mild facial scrub, for example.

# 2: grow eyebrows faster with castor oil

You can also do something good for your eyebrows with the right care. An insider tip for this is castor oil (you can get it here for about 9 euros on Amazon). It gives the brow moisture, keeps it nice and supple and ensures that the hairs do not break off so quickly. Beauty experts recommend applying the oil evenly with a brow brush in the evening and leaving it on overnight.

Instead of castor oil, you can also use almond or olive oil. Products with organic quality are best, as they do not unnecessarily irritate our sensitive eye area.

# 3: eyebrow serum for strong brows

If you like, you can also bring your brows into shape with a special eyebrow serum. The serums are enriched with peptides, biotin and keratin, strengthen the brows and promote their natural growth. The first visible results are usually noticeable after about four weeks. The only drawback: eyebrow serums are quite expensive and start at around 30 euros.

The eyebrow serum from the Berlin cosmetics brand Tru Cosmetics is vegan, cruelty-free and particularly kind to the skin. You can shop it for around 30 euros, for example here on Amazon.

# 4: bet on vitamins and minerals

Your diet affects not only your skin and hair, but the growth of your eyebrows as well. Important power ingredients for the brows are omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, zinc, magnesium and vitamins A, C and B5. They can be found in spinach, broccoli, fish, walnuts, sweet potatoes and avocado, for example.

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