Mindfulness exercises help with ADHD

Mindfulness Exercises for ADHD

Focusing your attention fully on the here and now and perceiving things as they are without judgment - that is part of what constitutes a mindful attitude. It gives you the opportunity to pause for a moment and become aware of your current situation. Those who practice mindfulness regularly develop an inner observer over time who can stop or redirect automated actions. As a result, mindfulness exercises can help people with ADHD better manage their symptoms.

For example, a mindful posture in ADHD can ...

  • ... improve attention
  • ... increase calmness and the ability to relax
  • ... make it easier to influence your own feelings
  • ... help to contain emotional overreactions
Important: Mindfulness does not come by itself, it has to be trained. It pays to stay tuned!

To make this happen, we have put together 7 mindfulness exercises for you, which we offer you here as free podcasts for download. If you regularly perform the individual exercises such as "Mindful Breathing" or "Mindful Smelling", you can use them specifically in everyday life after a certain period of time in order to deal better with difficult situations.

You can find detailed explanations of these exercises in our brochure. Brochure for download