What do you call the bathroom furniture

When do you speak of substructure, when do you speak of base cabinet?

Furniture belongs in every room. Functionality and an attractive look are important here. Gone are the days when there was nothing to be found in the bathroom besides a bathtub, toilet and washbasin. Nowadays the question arises: a classic vanity unit or substructure including a washbasin or would you prefer a vanity top plus countertop washbasin?

In the case of the substructure including the wash basin, the ceramic basin and substructure are virtually "all of a piece" and are therefore optimally matched to one another. In the example: The bathroom furniture series Sceno by Fackelmann

A little digression into the world of bathroom furniture

If you are now wondering what all this is about and where the difference between base cabinet and substructure is, you have come to the right place! A complete bathroom furniture set usually consists of a mirror cabinet (is mounted in the middle above the washbasin), one or two wall cabinets (are usually mounted next to the mirror cabinet) and a tall cabinet (stands independently in the bathroom) or its smaller brother, the Midi cabinet. The latter can of course also be installed hanging low, which makes it easier to clean the floor underneath.

In its Montreal bathroom furniture series, manufacturer Fackelmann proves that the classic vanity unit can also be presented in a very appealing way.

Not all base cabinets are the same

The fully furnished bathroom is completed by the so-called base cabinets to the left and right of the washbasin, which should not be confused with the washbasin or vanity cabinet. All of them can be installed either in a low-hanging position or in a standing position. Rule of thumb: For everything that is placed, hung or otherwise built under the sink, the specialist speaks of the substructure.

A cabinet (including a recess for the siphon) that is placed under the already installed washbasin is referred to as a washbasin cabinet. Note: the regular one Base cabinet is on the left or right Next the sink. The Washbasin cabinet (see above) under the sink.

Vanity tops on which a countertop washbasin is mounted are currently very popular. No wonder, because such combinations look classy and chic.

Variations of the substructures

When it comes to substructures, a distinction is made between wash basin
Base unit (as described above), base unit including washbasin and the pure vanity top on which a countertop washbasin is placed. The latter variant impresses with its particularly elegant and elegant look and is currently very much in trend. The topic Vanities By the way, we have already examined it in detail elsewhere. You can find the corresponding magazine article here.

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