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What does guru mean?

If the word guru falls, some shrink back a little fearfully. The images that one has in mind of a guru are often associated with the characteristics: old, Indian, long white beard, turban and orange-colored kurta. Something like the photo. But whoever dresses like that doesn't have to be a guru by a long way.

The word guru sounds mysterious at first, but when you translate it from Sanskrit it means "gu" darkness and "ru" to evict, someone who "drives away the darkness". And who likes to sit in the dark? 😉

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the basic work for Hatha yoga describes a guru as “someone who reveals and illuminates your soul through the luminosity of his own mind. A guru is the one who removes darkness and ignorance from your mind and brings out pure light from your inner consciousness. He can be in the World of yoga know, but it doesn't have to be. The most important factor is your belief in his words and your obedience. Then it doesn't matter whether his instructions appear right or wrong; they will be fruitful for you.

Perhaps you are asking yourself, “How do I find my guru?” “Do I have to travel to India to do this?” “How do I know the guru?” Someone who introduces himself to you and says, “Hello, I am your guru” is it definitely not. And if someone asks you to swear a blood oath and renounce all worldly possessions then the best thing to do is get out of the dust quickly.

The definition of the authors of the book Jivamukti YogaSharon Gannon and David Life I like it very much. They define Guru as a kind of "translator" who does not have to be of Indian descent and who also does not necessarily enlighten "nor".

From their point of view, a guru is rather a teacher who takes you into the world of yoga introduces and lets you participate in his experiences. He can give you methods to promote your practice for self-realization.

They describe the relationship between a guru and a disciple based on humility and Appreciation from which the teacher should not benefit. Rather, he should recognize the student's accomplishments and help him with that Connection to self to open.

When choosing the "right" guru, do not judge solely from an intellectual point of view, rather let yourself be guided by yours intuition, emotions and experience conduct.

Good luck finding your guru
Your Diana

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