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Use Google as an advertising medium - with effective strategies

Do you know how many customers your company is gaining from search engine results? Entrepreneurs often underestimate the power of Google & Co. - mostly because their previous SEO strategy has simply not yet unlocked the full potential of a high search engine ranking. Statistical fact is: If your web presence appears on the first page of the Google results with the appropriate keyord entry - better still in the first half of this page - this can increase your traffic (visitor flow) many times over.

The vast majority of search engine users are already online with a firm intention to purchase the product or service of their choice. We ensure that your excellent ranking leads the Google user to your website and that the intention is converted there. Successful search engine optimization means, especially for companies in the eCommerce sector, a multiply increased company growth, can save start-ups from expensive, alternative market launch strategies and increase their brand value many times over.

Our search engine optimization - creative and target-oriented

Search engine optimization is not a book with seven seals, even if some (larger!) SEO agencies like to suggest this. But it means knowing the criteria by which Google evaluates the relevance and value of your website and then aligning your content marketing with it. At thInKnexT we not only build on years of SEO experience, but also specialize in agile, creative SEO solutions that guarantee you exactly the “something” you need in terms of market advantage - and yet stay strictly within Google's guidelines. We proceed both online and offline after an extensive keyord analysis.

Measurable SEO strategies, tailor-made for you

Keywords analysis

First, we evaluate the keywords that are relevant to your website and generate high sales. We don't stop at the obvious. Often there are niche products or special services that you have not yet developed from this point of view and that can open up completely new target groups for you if your content is keyword-sensitive. Keyword phrases can also be the key to a leap in sales. Here we work with the most modern, Google-friendly tools, but also from our intuition, which has been trained through experience. Of course, this research phase, which the SEO Fundemant provides, concludes with a detailed series of tests and transparent lists of all essential keywords.

Technical upgrade and content evaluation

For on-page optimization, we first edit the backend of your website according to Google criteria. We update your source code and clear it of possible sources of error, we inspect the peripherals such as server location and performance and adjust your formatting (headlines and body of text) to the current standards. Then we get down to the actual content marketing. Here we create a concept that your content is keyword-optimized on the one hand, but also offers significant added value for the user on the one hand and is perceived by them as attractive and communicated further.

Google attaches increasing importance to the positive perception of content, its topicality and relevance for the target group. Our content marketing is precisely geared towards this requirement. Of course, we will also discuss your existing web design in the course of this analysis. In some cases, this can be actively google-hostile. Then we suggest alternatives and their careful integration into the existing layout. In other cases, add-ons can add value to your existing web design. We'll show you how and where, and of course we'll be happy to take care of the creation and programming.

Link marketing and social media advice

Next, let's focus on offline optimization. On the one hand, this affects the broad field of link marketing, which includes such important elements as link building and link baiting. On the other hand, this also includes your entire social media presence, which Google is increasingly using to evaluate your online relevance for your target group. On the one hand, our social media advice includes all social media platforms that are important for Google, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
On the other hand, your internal social networks, such as forums and blogs, also come into play here. Google loves blogs - if they are always kept up to date and constantly offer new, at best viral content. Together with you, we analyze which social media tools make sense for you and how they can be optimally integrated into the ongoing SEO strategy

Search engine marketing and Google Adwords administration

Depending on your company, in addition to search engine marketing, the use of targeted SEM (search engine marketing) is also possible. Here we also create a results-oriented strategy for you and reliably take over the Google Adwords administration - but also point out clearly if your existing SEM is not target-oriented and the budget capital tied up with it is better invested in other SEO steps.

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