Which wooden doors are trendy these days

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden front doors

Nowadays, aluminum front doors are very modern. This material is absolutely trendy, offers excellent properties and is characterized by a long service life and enormous stability. Wooden doors - even if they do not appear particularly robust at first glance - have their place on the market. Thanks to innovative manufacturing technologies, they adapt to today's times and are in no way inferior to aluminum doors.

Functions of entrance doors

The front door is more than just a calling card for the house. It gives the first impression of the building and performs many important tasks such as:

All house doors usually consist of the door frame (door frame, frame), the door leaf and, if necessary, a side part and / or a skylight / a top panel. Wooden front doors can be combined with different Types of wood and glazing ideally fit into any architecture.

The construction of the wooden house doors influences the look

Most wooden house doors are the classic doors made of solid wood and different fillings. But there are also constructions in the form of so-called barrier door leaves. These sandwich door leaves are made of wood and wood materials and allow any choice of light cut-outs. In addition to the creative features and design issues, the material and processing determine the extent to which the front doors differ in terms of security and thermal insulation.

Wooden front doors - more than charm

House doors made of wood are ecologically harmless because wood is a renewable material. A wooden front door creates a high-quality appearance and conveys a unique ambience. No other door - whether made of glass, plastic, aluminum or stainless steel - ages as beautifully as the wooden door and is therefore unique. If you choose this natural material, you have a large selection of models, types of wood, colors or accessories such as straps, locks, striking plates, handles. Wood is also particularly stable, offers a good thermal insulation value and excellent sound and noise protection.

The downside of wooden front doors

The lifespan of your wooden front door depends on the care and surface treatment. Wooden front doors are namely exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions exposed and all of this requires a lot of maintenance. Regular maintenance measures such as repainting and glazing effectively protect the wood from rain, snow and frost.

Wood in combination with other materials

Because of its surface, grain and a classic look, wood can be wonderfully mixed with other building materials. The most popular mix of materials is an entrance door made of wood and aluminum. This is where the positive properties of both materials come into their own. Wood then stands for a great look, warmth, naturalness and aluminum on the outside guarantees the best weather protection. With wooden glass doors you ensure transparency and give your entrance area an elegant touch.

Security with wooden front doors

If you attach great importance to good burglary protection, make sure to pay attention to the resistance class of the door according to the European test standard DIN ENV 1627 during the purchase. Burglar-resistant doors are divided into six resistance classes (RC 1 - RC 6), whereby the police use We recommend doors of security class RC2 or RC3 for private households. You also make your entrance door safe with:

  • Multi-point locking
  • Securing the door hinges
  • Electronic security systems
  • and suitable lighting

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