Why do most of the coffee tables circle

Have or not have a table? That is the question

This ordinary wooden board on a simple base has played one of the most important roles in our lives for decades. Above all, we combine a table with meals for our whole family. Regardless of which culture we are in, the table is often set festively on many holidays. Especially on festive occasions, the whole family gathers over dinner and spends time together at one table. The symbolism of the uniformity of a table is generally undisputed.

Even on public holidays, most tables go through the greatest test. On festive occasions, namely, the tables have to cater to most guests and withstand most dishes. Every year in the United States, a large bird (the turkey) lands on most tables with a variety of vegetable side dishes. It's not getting any better in Europe. At Christmas there are tons of festive food on the table along with a fat big top on top. Who could take it all better than a big solid table.

We often see the table as a huge historical symbol. On the well-known mural by the old master Leonardo da Vinci “The Last Supper”, the table is the fourteenth protagonist of the painting where all the apostles are united with Jesus. Many of us who love medieval knight tales are familiar with King Arthur's round table. The round shape of the table should symbolize equality. The famous round table talks in Poland between the communist government and the opposition also played an important role in the struggle for a country's independence.

This piece of furniture has always had a permanent place in history, art or even pop culture. The table was not only very important for the medieval master painters. Very often we could admire different tables in the cult TV series about a group of very well-known friends. There the table had two functions. Firstly for the table football game and secondly for joint discussions during which important decisions were made. Also in the film “Scarface” or “Scar Face”, the classic scene with a huge table in the foreground is probably the most famous.

A table not just for everyday use

Most of our private life revolves around the tables. The table plays a different role for each family member. The shape and purpose of a table very often depends on the size and needs of each individual. In addition, the decision where a table is placed can often completely change its role from the outset, which we will find out in a moment.

Let's start with the probably usual place for a table in the house, with the kitchen. There the table is mainly used for eating meals. Often it also serves as a worktop or as a baking or cutting board. For years it has been socially accepted that our mothers first invite their friends over to the kitchen table for a coffee chat. After a moment of thought and the words of the mother

‘What are we going to be sitting in the kitchen?

... the women then move on to the more prestigious location, namely that living room

The other gossip stories are at the coffee table in the living room discussed. The function of a coffee table actually requires a coffee mug and cup shelf. After the girlfriend's visit, the coffee table continues to serve as a shelf for a book, a beautiful scented candle or a small pot flower. For the gentlemen, the coffee table is usually a storage place for the remote control, possibly, to the displeasure of all wives, as a footstool for tired legs.

The table in the dining room is a real gem. This is exactly where all the important family events, Christmas parties, baptisms and banquets take place. But even the smallest residents of the house often use the dining table to create small craft miracles, to do puzzles, to do homework or, if mom allows it, to play a game of table tennis.

For the somewhat larger house residents who have long since left childhood, the dining table will be the most important element of a romantic dinner. Delicious food, good wine, red roses and all of that in the candlelight. For those of us who are a little less sentimental and throw a big party every now and then, table dance is synonymous with fun.

Under the guise of the night, the table is the perfect place for our grandparents to create a mini-casino. Playing poker, remy or bridge with the neighbors, a glass of cherry liqueur and the whole night at the dining table belongs to the players. Instead, the next day, the grandparents can entertain the sweet grandchildren with grandmother-style treats in the same place.

A table that definitely connects all generations is the garden table. Who of us doesn't like to drink our coffee on a nice Sunday morning in the green garden or on the terrace while the morning rays of sun envelop our faces. Even later, on slightly colder days, it is quite pleasant to be wrapped in a warm blanket, sit outside with a hot raspberry tea and think about the meaning of life. In addition, the sounds of nature and the view of beautiful terrace plants make the time even more pleasant.

The bedside table can be divided into two groups: for both the minimalists and the maximalists. According to many, minimalism should prevail in the interior design of a bedroom, as it is a place where we can rest and therefore should not be overwhelmed by unnecessary things. Let's start with a minimalist side table that consists only of a simple table top and table legs. Such a bedside table perfectly fulfills the function of a shelf and at the same time ideally manages the space.

The maximalists among us will again be very happy to see additional built-in drawers. There you can not only put a cell phone or a book, but also stow a lot of necessary things in the drawers that are not necessarily decorative like z. B. a hand cream, a glasses case or a charger.

Finally, a bonus for you - A console table in the hallway. Such a type of table is a tremendous help in our everyday activities when it comes to looking for keys, wallets or headphones. If we choose such a hall table, we will definitely avoid unnecessary things lying around. We can finally place decorations such as flowers, small decorative figures or lamps on the console table.

How do I make a perfect match?

We are of course aware that besides the table types mentioned above there are also other types such as large conference and office tables, but we rarely put them in our houses. We have come to know quite a few uses of tables. Let us consider how we could now select and place the furniture we know.

In a narrow kitchen there will be a square kitchen tablethat is placed on the wall fit perfectly. We can add a couple of chairs or the one that is back in fashion Bench. We also recommend placing the kitchen tables back in the middle of the kitchen. The round table shape is also very popular these days, as with King Arthur. Such a table can be beautifully combined with a vase of fresh flowers and a lamp hanging in the middle Industrial look set up.

in the living roomif we don't dining room own will be best a large, classic, rectangular table fit, which should find a place at the window. This helps us not to focus our gaze on the television all the time, but also to admire the beautiful view outside from time to time. In addition, the table top is very well lit and is also a good work surface. Furniture set up in this way will also perfectly fulfill the function of dividing the room into two parts.

That will be the first part of our living room dining room and the second surface becomes ours Recreation area. To emphasize the division even more, we can put a rug under our table. On the table top we put a flower vase with a green branch that you bring with you during your walk in the forest. The be-all and end-all of such a facility will be a hanging lamp that should be hung in the central point above the table. A facility was created promptly, like something out of an interior design magazine!

On topic Dining room table we are all more traditionalists. We are of the opinion that such a table should be in the middle, definitely in an XXL size, to accommodate the whole family. As for atypical solutions in this area, we will not be able to help, but we can certainly present a very innovative and functional way of making a room for about during the holidays a dozen people at one table can design without cluttering the entire room.

How can this be achieved without the annual tradition of getting replacement furniture out of the basement? We proudly present you a totally innovative idea. An extending table completely different:

During any family celebration, such as a birthday party or a family barbecue party, a Garden table replace the kitchen on the summer days and thus often become the central point of a barbecue. I don't think anyone can imagine sitting in the kitchen on warm evenings when there can be an alternative to a garden table.

During the day we add a huge traffic light umbrella, and in the evening we can have one romantic fairy lights hang over it. All of this causes the garden and our terrace will become the favorite place of all house residents.

Many men advise against buying the next table and describe it as unnecessary junk. The Bedside table or Side table, which we are talking about here, often becomes a cause for real dispute when buying this piece of furniture. But since everyone knows who has the last word on furniture purchases, and when a bedside table finally lands in the bedroom, it turns out that you finally have a place to put your favorite book, watch or cell phone. It suddenly turns out that a side table wasn't such a stupid idea.

The next thing that often starts a fight is one Console table or a Hall table which many women especially appreciate as indispensable. Ideally with a mirror, which is often hung above the table, and a decorative seat. Above all, everyone will greet the stool in a friendly manner, and it will be very helpful for everyone to put on their shoes. A console table is one of the pieces of furniture that perfectly marks the entrance area and creates order in the hallway

DYI table - why is it better to own a table made by yourself?

As we have already seen, the tables in our homes play different roles. Often, for whatever reason, the tables are underestimated. Their application is really large and the installation options are enormous. What do you say when you get out of the table makes the most important piece of furniture? What if every guest who visits our house enthuses right after ours table would ask? It's doable and not necessarily difficult to understand. Just make your table yourself - Do It Yourself!

We have HEREWritten in our blog post about the superiority of homemade gifts, but we're just as excited about it too DIY tables? Of course!

Furniture with a soul or do you prefer mass production?

You certainly think that it is moody of us to claim that furniture from a well-known furniture chain does not necessarily inspire us? How is it possible? Anyone can buy a table from the furniture chain quickly and easily But in order to create a really original interior design, we must by no means only use finished products. It is important to give the rooms our own and unique style and such simple pieces of furniture, such as to make a table independently.

Do you know that tables resemble their owners?

We also have something for them Eco freaks and recycling fans between us. If by some miracle we somehow come into possession of a rope pulley, we can quickly and easily turn it into a stable and round one table make. For this we just need some hot glue and a Natural rope for wrapping the roll. Not only do we do something beautiful and useful on our own, but we also don't contribute to the production of waste.

Keeping with the topic of a natural rope, we can offer another idea to make a table on your own. We need an old tire, a sheet of plywood, hot glue and a natural rope. From the plywood we cut out two equal circles, roughly the size of the tire. Now we glue the plywood sheets to both sides of the tire and wrap everything with our rope. We use hot glue to give the whole thing additional hold and strength. Our new one is ready DIY coffee table.

Almost almost classic, appear Garden furniture made from Euro pallets. These types of garden sets are currently very popular and are much cheaper to produce than ready-made furniture sets. Furniture made from Euro pallets is not only a must in our gardens and on our terraces. They are becoming more and more visible in our homes. Coffee tables made from pallets Painted white with attached castors and glass table tops are quite elegant and very modern.

For all of you who have a heart for old and restored furniture, one is sure to be a favor Table with a wooden top with the base of an old sewing machine. A trip to the attic in our grandparents' house will definitely be worthwhile to find new treasures. Then all you need is some sandpaper, paint, varnish and soon we can give an old table a new life.

All hands on deck! Set course for the most beautiful table in the world

Perhaps a homemade table is the beginning of a great adventure with you Do It Yourself and a great way to involve the whole family with craftsmanship. Everyone will be able to talk about the needs and demands that you put at the table and then realize them. So we spend time together with our neighbors. You will soon see that it is a lot of fun and the whole family right after a new one DIY project will ask.

Thanks to DIY we are able to like from fabrics Steel, wood or glass to make the furniture of our dreams. To avoid family arguments when it comes to the material, we can combine a few materials. Make a connection that is very popular these days Table legs made of raw steel and a table top made of natural wood.

With a DIY table, we combine the different materials and structures, plan the ideal length of our table and try to meet all the needs of our family members. It is often sufficient to position the table legs wide enough from one another and cut the table top to an appropriate length.

The table - a wooden plate on four legs - or something more?

A table has played an important role in people's lives for decades. A table accompanies us both in everyday life and on many festive occasions. Almost every day we use tables both at home and at work or school. A table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in our homes, but it is also a real pop culture symbol.

Regardless of the purpose, shape, size and space in which it stands, a table can serve and serve its purpose for years. A homemade table adapts to the style of the house residents and in any case looks very original, because you can always say with certainty that your table is unique in its way.

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