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Satisfactory pome and stone fruit harvests in Baden-Württemberg

Stuttgart - Despite severe late frosts, dry periods and regional hail events, the harvest of pome and stone fruit was better than expected in summer.

Fruit harvest in Baden-Württemberg 2020: Pinova with the highest yields - results for sweet cherries are less positive. (c) proplanta

According to the estimates of the fruit reporters of the State Statistical Office of Baden-Württemberg, around 465,000 tons (t) of apples, pears, cherries, mirabelle plums and plums could be harvested on a tree fruit area of ​​18,100 hectares (ha) in 2020.

Of these, the largest share of 403,200 t (+1%) is attributable to the popular apple, which is cultivated on Lake Constance. A good third of the apple harvest is covered by just three main varieties: Elstar (54,200 t), Gala (43,500 t) and Jonagold (38,200 t). The highest yields were achieved by Pinova (41.6 t / ha), followed by Jonagored (38.5 t / ha) and Golden Delicious (38.4 t / ha). The smaller pome fruit partner pear was 17.9 t / ha (−7%) below the level of the previous year. A total of around 15,100 tons of pears were picked.

The balance for sweet cherries looks less positive, with an average yield of 7.4 t / ha, which fell short of the previous year's result by 12%. In total, around 20,500 t of sweet cherries were harvested as dessert fruit for fresh consumption, but also as burning and shaking cherries, whereby most of the cherry trees are in the Ortenau district. With sour cherries, the yield was slightly lower than in the previous year at 12.4 t / ha (−5%).

With a harvest of 20,800 t (+17%) and an average yield of 11.7 t / ha, the plum growers were able to achieve a better result this year. In contrast, mirabelle plums did less well, with clear losses of 5.4 t / ha (−30%) and 1,700 t.