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The new Lidl Plus app has officially launched in Germany. Customers can save a lot with the free offer - but that comes at a price.

  • After a regional test phase, Lidl is now introducing the Lidl Plus app across Germany.
  • Customers can expect a welcome discount, vouchers and lucrative offers.
  • The official launch of the app will take place on Monday (September 14th).

Update, Friday (September 11th), 4 p.m .: Neckarsulm - The months of preparations have come to an end: On Monday (September 14th) starts Lidl his Plus app also in Germany. In some branches there were already advertisements with the new one in the past few days Offer to customers of the discounter appeared.

Main location:Neckarsulm
Founder:Josef Schwarz
Employee:83,000 employees (as of 2020) in 11,000 branches in 29 countries
Sales:EUR 89.9 billion

Lidl: Plus app of the discounter starts on Monday (September 14th) in Germany

The aim of the Lidl Plus app should be consumer to bind more closely to the Lidl brand. In addition to special offers, there are also promotions Coupons and scratch cards planned.

First report, August 14th: Testing since 2019 Lidl the digitalCustomer card - but only in branches in Berlin and Brandenburg. Now the time has come and the LidlplusApp is to be rolled out across Germany. From now on it's called bargain, Discounts and other benefits for everyone. But the company also beats his advantage from the app.

Lidl Plus: This is how the new customer card app works

Quit after months of preparation Lidl now at that digitalCustomer card No longer just wanting to test in Berlin and Brandenburg, but in whole Germany. However, it is still the one Test phase the LidlplusApp

With the information about when the official start will finally take place, it stops Food-giant still behind the mountain. However, you can already easily download the Lidl Plus app from the app store and access all functions - provided you have a Lidl online account or register. That's what the app is for free.

Lidl advertises a 5 euro discount when downloading the app

They get the first bonus Customers of Lidl directly when downloading. Anyone who registers in the app receives a 5 euro voucher for the next purchase at the discounter. But watch out: The 5 euro welcome discount can only be redeemed for purchases of 25 euros or more and is only valid for 14 days (more news about supermarkets and discounters at RUHR24.de)

Lidl Plus: These are the advantages of the app for customers

who the advantages the LidlplusApp want to use, the digital card simply has to be sent to the cash register - similar to Payback - via a QR code to scan. And already it's hailing percent.

But the Lidl Plus app has next Discount-Actions to offer even more advantages for customers:

  • Digital receipt: If you want, you can get yours Bill in future only display digitally on the app. It is automatically saved there after the purchase.
  • With the Lidl Plus app you benefit not only from promotions at Lidl, but also from Partner company. Discounts with cooperating companies are displayed and customers can get cheap cinema tickets or travel deals.
  • Similar to Payback, owners of the Lidl Plus app can make purchases Points For Rewardscollect.
  • Stand in the appCoupons available with changingDiscounts on selected items from the Lidl range.
  • Lidl Plus scratch card: Customers can use the app to Sweepstakes from the discounter.

The Lidl Plus app also contains the weeklyBrochures digitally available with the current offers (more service news on RUHR24.de)

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Lidl Plus: This is how the first customers find the discount app from the discounter

How Chip.de reported, Lidl's app has been more than one since it was launched halfmillionTimes in Germanydownloaded. So the idea seems to be well received by customers.

Because that too reviews speak for themselves. The Lidl Plus app was currently rated 4.3 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store. There is criticism especially for technicalProblemswhich seem to have occurred particularly frequently in the last few weeks. Others, on the other hand, rave about having saved a lot with the app.

The Lidl app is not completely free

And elsewhere there are criticism for the Lidl Plus app. Because the food company also wants from the App instead of just selflessly offering discounts to their customers.

Lidl starts its app Lidl Plus - and receives comprehensive insights into your shopping behavior https://t.co/In3NrX2Bpd

- Karin Nazet (@KNazet) August 11, 2020

And so the discounter collects money when using the app Customer data on a grand scale. Lidl Plus draws that Shopping behavior of the customer, analyzes and evaluates it. As a result, not all customers get the same discounts. Because they should be personalized based on the data and based on the personalpreferences of Customers be tailored.

Lidl wants to attract its customers to the store even more often with personalized coupons

Lots of deals in the Lidl Plus app are also only valid for a few days and new promotions or free products can be added after each purchase. So would like Lidl bind its customers to itself.

Also wants Lidl based on customer data and shopping behaviorBig data strategy develop. This should be used to better adjust supply and demand and to lure customers to go shopping.