Which pants go with a white shirt

Which shirt to combine and how? Our styling tips for style-conscious men

From year to year, men's fashion is becoming more and more versatile - this applies equally to shirts. In addition to classic colors, we see thousands of new nuances: rosé, lilac, petrol. With this variety, especially when looking at the ties, it is easy to lose track of things.
Shirt wearers exude self-confidence and security. If the shirt with the color-coordinated tie and suit is skilfully staged, then a WOW appearance is guaranteed. Whether business style or casual, in our guide we will tell you how which shirt can best be combined.

White shirts: If doubt, go white!

While white shirts were rarely worn around the turn of the millennium, for example only for special occasions such as funerals or weddings, this color is becoming increasingly popular again. Nowadays, white shirts can also be combined casually, for example worn under a sweater, without making the outfit look stuffy. A neat white shirt also always looks good with jeans. With a Kent collar or even with a tab collar it looks particularly elegant, with a button-down collar it is well suited to sporty outfits.
But also worn classically with a suit you can spice up the simple look with a tie that goes with the suit. A shark collar shirt will add Italian chic to your suit.

In fact, you can't go wrong with a white shirt.
Our tip: Always pay attention to the quality of your shirt. If the fabric is very fine, an undershirt must be worn underneath.

That fits:

  • Almost everything. The combination with a dark blue suit is particularly popular: it looks more chic and emphasizes the radiant white.
  • A white shirt and a black leather jacket? A great decision!

Better not:

  • The undershirt with a round neckline that peeks out at the collar. A small piece of fabric can ruin the look completely.

White shirts

Blue shirts: serious and chic

The blue shirts have also increasingly been worn with an elegant outfit in recent years. It can be combined with almost all suit colors such as black, brown or gray. With matching ties, preferably tone on tone, they are still a popular business outfit. The blue shirt can also be worn with casual clothes in private. The blue shirt looks just as good without a tie with jeans as it does with a color-coordinated tie with trousers.

That fits:

  • Dark blue ties - look harmonious and serious
  • Light-colored ties with blue stripes
  • Dark gray and black as color partners

Better not:

  • You should only wear bright colors as a splash of color in your free time

Blue shirts

Light blue shirts: easy to combine and so elegant

The ideal companion through everyday office life and an absolute fashion evergreen is a light blue shirt. There is no situation or outfit where this color is inappropriate. So if you want a shirt for emergencies in the office, be sure to get one in light blue.
Light blue is a great neighbor: the color flatters the features and makes the outfit look warmer. In addition, the color can be easily combined.

That fits:

  • Dark blue, wine red and green ties
  • Pink and pink ties - ideal for summer and spring
  • Orange ties in combination with a dark blue suit

Better not:

Light blue shirts

Beige shirts: For flexible shirt wearers

The beige shirt is always a popular shirt color when you can't quite decide whether you want to choose a classic white shirt or a colored shirt. The beige shirt looks very simple with a dark suit and underlines that the shirt is worn on a special occasion.
The beige shirt in combination with a light suit and a tie made of strong colors, on the other hand, makes the entire clothing look casual. The beige shirt can be combined well for leisure time or for a classic style with dark blue or black jeans, and you can also wear fashionable sneakers.

That fits:

  • Cream colored ties
  • Striped ties with beige / pink
  • Ties with a gray and white pattern

Better not:

  • Do not combine with too many dark pieces, otherwise the beautiful color will be lost. A contrast piece is completely sufficient.

Beige shirts

Pink shirts: a fashion statement

The pink shirt has recently become a true classic in men's fashion and it is impossible to imagine men's wardrobes without them.
The pink shirt looks elegant with a dark suit and a tie in a well-coordinated color, ideally tone on tone, of course.
A pink shirt goes well with jeans. A pink shirt looks very good in combination with dark brown trousers and a darker tie. It's neither too casual nor too elegant, but the man still looks chic.

That fits:

  • Dark blue tie
  • Very trendy: combine petrol with salmon pink
  • Blue dotted tie
  • Bordeaux with a subtle pattern
  • Pink with blue pattern

Better not:

  • Yellow and light green make the outfit look dubious

Pink shirts

Black shirts: gentlemen's favorite

A black shirt can look elegant or fashionable depending on the occasion. Models with a slightly shiny chambray fabric look particularly elegant. Anyone who wants to stand out without taking the risk of fooling around is definitely on the safe side with black.
A black shirt that is worn under the light sweater looks very elegant. However, the sweater should not be white, but rather have a classy creamy shade. A great business combination is the gray suit and a dark metallic tie. The look looks classic and elegant when you combine it with a light gray suit and refine it with a striped tie. The black shirt with its collar tips pulled apart is absolutely wonderful.

That fits:

  • Basically anything you like. Pick up the color of your suit (e.g. a black silk tie goes with the satin lapel) or the color of your eyes.
  • Contrasting colors
  • Noble ties, e.g. in intense Bordeaux
  • Mottled gray - particularly chic

Better not:

  • From head to toe in black: If you don't want to appear as a matrix figure, a fine play with black nuances and different fabrics is required here.
  • White suit: If anything, then only the jacket.

Black shirts

Champagne-colored shirts: even more sparkling than white

A champagne-colored shirt is now often worn as a replacement for a white shirt. This color is particularly suitable for a shirt at your own wedding, as the bride very often chooses a wedding dress in this color. A shirt in champagne looks very noble and stylish if you combine it with a subtle tie, if possible tone on tone and without applications or motifs, and a black suit. A model with a French cuff should be chosen, in combination with elegant cufflinks, preferably made of real silver.
Young people in particular prefer a champagne-colored shirt because it doesn't look as formal as the white shirt.

That fits:

  • Brown nuances refine the look
  • Champagne tie with a fine sheen - very festive
  • Gray colors

Better not:

  • Too much contrast distracts too much from the noble color

Yellow shirts: courage to shine

We associate the yellow color with summer, sun and sand. But the color can do a lot more than just make you want to go on holiday. Yellow looks very elegant and stylish. Yellow shirts look good in casual outfits and skilfully spice up classic looks. The spectrum of nuances is wide and has something for every skin type: pastel lemon color, warm mustard nuance, yellow with a green touch, strong sun yellow. Mostly they are checked and therefore easy to combine. Simply pick up a jacket in the color of the pattern and the shirt looks calm and serious. Since the color is very noticeable in every nuance, it should always be accompanied by subtle colors.

That fits:

  • Striped tie that matches the color of the shirt and the color of the suit
  • Solid color tie that repeats the color from the pattern on the shirt
  • Gray and dark blue are the best partners

Better not:

  • Neon yellow shirt with black tie
  • Bright ties and eye-catching patterns

Yellow shirts

Brown shirts: inconspicuous and stylish at the same time

Brown shirts not only look very masculine, they are also very versatile. Whether business style, casual look or country style - they perfect every outfit and can be combined with many colors.
The color is ideal for everyone who values ​​classic colors and is looking for variety. If you have mainly gray, black and white pieces in your closet, you will definitely love brown too. Even if the color looks calm, it is not boring and incidentally also more gracious to the skin: While dark nuances such as black can quickly make the skin look older, brown looks softer and does not bring out every wrinkle immediately.

That fits:

  • Olive green and dark red - autumnal and totally elegant
  • Light beige and dark brown - a game of several nuances in one look shows a real style professional
  • Is the shirt striped? A dotted tie can visually enhance it

Better not:

  • Be careful with yellow and orange: do not choose too gaudy variants!

Brown shirts

Gray shirts: simple, but powerful!

Combine gray with gray and look absolutely stylish at the same time? It is possible with a gray shirt and a dark gray suit. The combination looks very high quality and stands out from the crowd. A plain and simple shirt in gray or anthracite is so universal that it goes with every outfit in the closet. In combination with a black tie and tight jeans, the shirt looks very casual and yet absolutely suitable for business. For an even more WOW effect, pull on a black, thin sweater. Attention - pay attention to the quality, otherwise the look will quickly look cheap.

That fits:

  • Black ties
  • Ties in striking colors: yellow, red, etc.
  • Red-brown and olive-green nuances

Better not:

  • Choose gray tone on tone - looks very boring and absolutely unnecessary with the huge selection of gray nuances.

Gray shirts

Green shirts: the color of the confident

Camouflage, military, olive - hardly any other color has as much power and masculinity as green. And at the same time, the color is an absolute must-have in the wardrobe of creative people and self-confident fashion junkies. Every season, designers of men's fashion surprise us anew and present the green in unbeatable combinations. Sometimes the green appears on a cheeky shirt with a green and white wild pattern, sometimes the green color hides on a high-quality business shirt, the sight of which makes you wonder: is it still green or is it already black? No matter which version you choose, green is a good alternative both for every day and for very special occasions.

That fits:

  • Black tie to the green and white shirt with Vichy pattern
  • Dark turquoise with a green pattern shirt

Better not:

  • Be careful with moss green: some skin types look older with this color

Green shirts

Purple shirts: flattering and classy

Anyone who opts for a purple shirt should observe one rule: pastel shades are better for business outfits. Strong purple nuances, on the other hand, are unbeatable for festive outfits, because they make every outfit shine. Especially when purple is combined with dark blue and gray. Purple stands for luxury, wealth and wealth and if not used excessively, it enhances your look in no time.
A purple shirt is also an absolute must-have for leisure time. Wear it with sand-colored trousers or light blue jeans. Break up the look with a white t-shirt and wear the shirt open. Perfect for outdoor parties or a city sightseeing tour!

That fits:

  • Dark blue tie and suit: very classy
  • Light blue dotted tie: modern and light
  • Metallic bordeaux: festive and classy
  • Black: trendy and young
  • Dark blue with white stripes: serious and adult

Better not:

  • Combines of intense purple with snow white
  • Be careful with orange: use only discreetly!

Purple shirts

Red shirts: pure energy!

Be careful, red! Despite popular belief, the red color isn't all that complicated. The famous signal color rarely appears solo, so even the shy ones among us don't need to worry about the color overload. If you wear red, please do it skilfully: The color does not tolerate any slip and can quickly turn its wearer into a bird of paradise.
For business, choose a red shirt in muted tones, for example a shirt in which the red is almost gray. Burgundy red is also ideal for business outfits. Wear it with a gray tie and a gray suit. To spice things up, just put on a jacket and pair with dark gray jeans. So the look looks much fresher.
Checkered red shirts for leisure are a must in every wardrobe. Whether blue jeans, black pants or chinos in camel: It is almost impossible to ruin this look. A clever idea: "hide" a red shirt under the light sweater and only let the collar peek out - it looks incredibly fresh and energetic.

That fits:

  • A tie that repeats the red color of the shirt
  • Gray striped ties

Better not:

  • Light and yellow ties

Red shirts

Turquoise shirts: an eye-catcher for hot summer days

Shirts in maritime colors are eye-catchers and attract attention. Anyone who likes to wear turquoise knows exactly: This color likes it cool and reduced. Therefore, you should be particularly careful when combining. If you are unsure, you prefer pastel turquoise - there is little you can do wrong. More courageous ones who choose a more intense shade will be rewarded. No color accentuates a light tan and blue eyes as beautifully as this sea color.
A plaid shirt with turquoise and rose goes wonderfully with light brown chinos or light blue jeans. Worn open, it looks wonderful with white Bermuda shorts and a white T-shirt. Holiday mood guaranteed!
A turquoise shirt is also perfect for the office. Simply combine it with a light linen jacket and wear light blue jeans with it. The shirt looks particularly stylish with a light beige suit. Even with a dark blue suit - preferably with a polka dot tie that repeats the suit color. Wonderfully fresh and elegant!

That fits:

  • Dark blue ties
  • Striped ties with shades of blue
  • Classics like cream or black

Better not:

  • Bordeaux: too much holiday mood in the look
  • Dark green: is difficult to combine, looks rather restless

Turquoise shirts

Striped shirts: for the fashion conscious

A striped shirt is still represented in many men's wardrobes and it is always a classic as well as a casual piece of clothing.
In the case of striped shirts, the color tones are decisive, whether the shirt is more suitable as business clothing or as leisure clothing. If the stripes are subtle and emphasize the actual basic color of the shirt instead of overlaying it, the shirt is a classic and elegant piece of clothing. Combined well with suit trousers and with a tie, for example in the same color as the stripes, the man can be sure that he has chosen a chic and elegant outfit.
With striped shirts, which have a strong base color as well as strong stripes, the shirt can be ideally worn with casual trousers or jeans as casual clothing - you should avoid a tie with this combination.

That fits:

  • Solid color or polka dot ties
  • Striped ties are also possible, as long as the two stripes are very different

Better not:

  • Stripes in neon colors
  • Eye-catching stripes in a business outfit
  • Colorful ties

Checkered shirts: for a young, fresh look

For the checkered shirt, as for the striped shirt, it is essentially the case that in the business sector it should be more subtle colors and smaller checks, while in the leisure sector it can also be a little more colorful and eye-catching.
Checkered shirts can be combined well with jeans and sneakers to create a sporty outfit for the young and young at heart.

That fits:

  • Plain colored ties
  • Similar sample sizes for sample ties

Better not:

  • Combine small patterns with other small patterns

Checkered shirts

Shirts with patterns: Do you fancy something new?

Striped shirts go with business looks, all other patterns go with casual outfits. You should never bring more than three patterns together in one outfit. But when it comes to pattern combinations of shirts and ties, it is advisable to use opposites. You shouldn't choose a tie with light blue dots with a shirt with blue stripes. If the strips are fairly thin, the dots shouldn't be large either. What always looks great are the same colors that differ in their nuances. Contrasts are exciting and show that the shirt wearer has a fine sense of fashion.

That fits:

  • Combos like dark with dots or paisley
  • An interplay of small and large patterns

Better not:

Shirts with print: Say it with symbols

Stripes, stars, squares, dots: there is now nothing that does not exist. Fashionable print shirts not only look original, they make the look peppy, authentic and unconventional. You just have to know exactly what is important when it comes to styling. Our tip: Before you buy a shirt with a print, look through your wardrobe. Can you put together at least two looks with a shirt like this? Then bring it on. Otherwise, take a look at the online shop again.
Basically, a shirt with a print can only stand a calm environment, because it is the focus of your look. Combine trousers and jeans in classic colors and avoid further patterns. Even if the pattern mix is ​​in vogue, it is difficult to combine the patterns in such a way that it doesn't become too much.

That fits:

Better not