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Advertising | Mercedes Vito Tourer and Christian Ulmen - Mercedes relies on humor and presents its new employee

Mercedes-Benz Germany Sales Transporter is launching a new “My New Employee” campaign for the Mercedes Vito Tourer, making full use of humor. Instead of simply presenting the vehicle to customers and Vito fans, the film is being shot together with actor and producer Christian Ulmen as the new brand ambassador for the Mercedes-Benz vans in three different companies with a hidden camera and one or the other boss is poked about and driven to white heat.

Christian Ulmen, disguised as this “new employee”, confuses the everyday work of three different companies and their bosses in ever new roles. Honestly, which boss stays calm for a long time when a new employee somehow doesn't really do what he's supposed to but mostly creates chaos? It then takes a good deal of understanding and calm to keep such employees busy until they reach their destination and not to put them back on the road straight away. The boss who takes this to heart and stays calm for a whole working day wins a new Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer for a year.

In any case, Ulmen tries hard to keep the chaos high in a humorous way in the three episodes of "My New Employee". Be it as a completely unconventional motivator from colleagues or as a strange plumber who has his own idea of ​​how to treat a guinea pig, he does almost everything to get kicked out quickly. Nevertheless, as the new brand ambassador for the Mercedes-Benz vans, he of course still has time to present the numerous advantages of the Mercedes Vito Tourer.

The new campaign videos are very funny and an asset for anyone who has not lost their sense of humor. Jochen Dimter, Head of Mercedes-Benz Germany Sales Vans and Vans, appropriately says that it is about showing people who give everything for their job or club every day and still not lose their sense of humor. And that also fits the Mercedes Vito Tourer: it wants, can, does. You can find more information on the successful campaign by Mercedes-Benz Germany Sales for Vans and Vans either directly from Mercedes, on Facebook or on YouTube. You can also find the full length of the three episodes here.