What is CEH

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) - A basic certificate for penetration testers!

In IT security there are some certificates with which the participants can prove their knowledge. In today's post we present the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certificate, which several AWARE7 employees hold.

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CEH - basic certificate for penetration testers

We are often asked in live hacking lectures as well as in various training courses how one can become a penetration tester or how one can improve one's skills. There are many different certificates for this in the IT security industry, which both improve skills and prove knowledge and skills for certificate holders.

Such certificates have different focuses and degrees of difficulty. In the area of ​​theoretical and organizational IT security, there is, for example, the TISP or CISSP. Practice-oriented certificates include the OSCP or the CEH.

Such practice-oriented certificates are particularly suitable in the area of ​​penetration tests, as the certificates prove the practical knowledge and skills of the certificate holder. The OSCP course is one of the most famous certificates in the field of penetration tests and is offered by Offensive Security.

The CEH is offered by the EC Council and is a good entry-level certificate in the field of IT security, as very little basic knowledge is mentioned as a prerequisite.

Requirements and examination

The EC Council states that the prerequisite for the exam is 2 years of experience in InfoSec, i.e. information security or completing the associated course. In our experience, it is particularly important to have a basic knowledge of the structure of Windows and Linux systems and how networks and network communication work.

With these basics as a basis, the CEH can also be created for beginners in the area of ​​information security with enough preparation. When taking the exam, you undertake not to comment on the content of the exam, but there are still several unofficial exercise offers on the Internet that claim to be complete and are very popular. The CEH exam itself has a time limit of 4 hours, which is very generous for the 125 questions to be answered.

CEH - meaning of certification

Basically, certificates are a good way to confirm your own knowledge and to be able to assess the knowledge of others. Different certifications have different meaningfulness depending on the level of difficulty.

While the passed CEH exam does not certify the practical skills of a penetration tester in the scope of the OSCP, as a "Certified Ethical Hacker" one has proven that one has mastered the theoretical basics of penetration testing. And these basics are essential to successfully perform security checks and obtain additional certificates.

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