How do I get wider shoulders

Sports tips! How do I get broad shoulders?

Shoulders wider than the bouncer

Everyone knows the situation. You win someone who is in a winter jacket and you can't see an inch of skin. Nevertheless, we know that he trains regularly and that he has enormous strength. The person owes all of this to his broad shoulders. Almost everyone who does weight training wants them too. However, since many do not have the know-how on this, this text is intended to provide clarification.
So if you also want broad shoulders you have to do one thing in the first place: exercise. Of course, not every type of exercise will give you broad shoulders. As you can imagine, the focus should be on the muscles of the shoulders. Basically you only need to pay attention to the so-called "deltoideus" (colloquially "delt"), as this makes up the majority of the shoulder. This can now be divided into three parts: the front, the side and of course the rear.
Especially beginners in weight training should train the individual parts of the shoulder in isolation. Basic exercises should be used here. For the shoulder, you can do chin-ups or lat pulls, as well as bench press and deadlift. Above all, other muscle groups are used here. Such exercises are recommended as a beginner, because you build muscles relatively quickly, even without training individual body parts in isolation.

If you are already advanced, you can start to train individual areas of the body. There are numerous exercises for the shoulders. Some of the most efficient are to be named and explained here.

The shoulder raise

The shoulder raise is usually done with dumbbells. Some gyms also have special machines for this. You should make use of these if they are available. Otherwise you just grab the dumbbell. The shoulder raise can now be divided into the side, frontal and bent side. When doing the frontal and side raises, you simply stand or sit up straight. Then you take the dumbbell in one hand and bend your arm a little. Here you should make sure that you do not fully stretch your arm, as this can easily lead to injuries. Now you simply lift the dumbbell up to about shoulder height and then lower it again. These exercises train the front and side of the shoulder. For the rear part you do the so-called rear lift. This is where you usually stand. You bend forward slightly, but keep your back straight - under no circumstances should you hunch your back! Then, as with the other exercises, you lift the dumbbells sideways to shoulder height and then lower them again.

Military Press

The Military Press is a pressure exercise that mainly trains the front and side of the shoulder. Here you sit or stand. Either barbells or dumbbells are used, but barbells are more common. You now bend both arms very close to your body and let your forearms point upwards. The dumbbell should now be under your chin. Now you should stretch your arms fully, while lifting the weight over your head. When performing this exercise, you can or must easily walk into the wooden cross, but this should be reduced to a minimum.


To be able to do the facepulls, you have to have a gym that has so-called cable ropes. This exercise essentially works the back of the shoulder. You stand at the device and grab the handle with both hands. Now pull the handle towards your face, and then pass your face with both hands as far back as you can. Then you can loosen your arms completely and stretch your back shoulder a little. This is a repetition.