When is Christmas in Australia

Christmas Australia: This is how Christmas celebrates Down Under

Christmas in Australia is very different from that in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. The festival of love, loved ones, presents, sweets, white landscapes, fir trees, mulled wine, Christmas markets and hearty food looks a little different on the 5th continent, despite certain similarities. The main difference is certainly the weather, which is absolutely atypical for Europe at this time of the year. Over 30 degrees Celsius, midsummer, T-shirts, beach life, colorful swimming trunks, tight bikinis and a lot of sweat are the order of the day here. And yet you can see plenty of Christmas lights, green fir trees and numerous Santa Claus dolls that hang on the house walls and are admired by interested passers-by. All of this is an essential part of Christmas in Australia.


Special features & activities

No question, the unusual heat for us Central Europeans is without a doubt the specialty of the Australian Christmas festival. Who can claim to celebrate Christmas in shorts at 30 degrees in the shade? Nevertheless, there is a very nice Christmas atmosphere down under as well. The whole country is festively decorated, the trees are colorfully decorated in the avenues, the families hang the plastic fir trees they have bought with Christmas balls and the front gardens and house walls are transformed into Christmas oases in American style. As in Germany, the supermarkets and department stores are decorated accordingly and all Aussies are in the best shopping mood a few days before the festival. On the streets you can see sweating Santa Clauses, nibbling children and Christmas music is playing everywhere. The motto of Christmas in Australia is just like ours "White Christmas", whereby here we do not mean the snow, but the white beaches.


Facts & schedule of the holidays

As in England and the USA, the gift giving in Australia takes place on the morning of December 25th. instead of. This is where the legend of Santa Claus who climbs the chimney overnight and brings the gifts into the living rooms is kept alive. Boxing Day on the 5th continent is known as Boxing Day (December 26th) and is known for the fact that many families go on their summer vacation, which usually ends exactly one month later with the Australian national holiday (Australia Day). Here you can find out more about the holidays in Australia.

Just like ours, the Australian Christmas menu is characterized by its richness. On December 24th Some families traditionally offer a roast turkey and the popular plum pudding. But fish and seafood are also very popular dishes on Christmas Eve. Family outings often take place on Christmas Day, ending with a picnic on the beach or a BBQ in the park. To stay true to the Christmas spirit, inflatable Christmas trees are a real hit Down Under. If you prefer to celebrate Christmas by the fireplace in Australia, you usually spend the holidays in the fresh Blue Mountains, Snowy Mountains or in the Victorian Alps.


Popular activities on Christmas & New Year's Eve

Below are several popular activities to do over the Christmas and New Years Eve in Australia. Whether watching and celebrating a New Year's boat party with fireworks, a great New Year's performance in the Sydney Opera House, an exclusive New Year's Eve party in the Sydney Tower or a delicious Christmas lunch in the Hunter Valley, you can book all of this online through us at the best prices.

Note: As the events on offer are very popular among travelers at this time of year, bookings should be made early to avoid bottlenecks. This also applies to hotels, hostels and other accommodations. Especially on New Year's Eve, it is advisable to book a room several weeks in advance - depending on the location of the accommodation (e.g. CBD in Sydney) sometimes several months in advance.


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