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Employer Branding: The Employer's Slogan

Employer branding is introduced in four concrete steps: slogan, personnel marketing, cross-departmental coordination and, last but not least, success control.

"The central question when introducing employer branding is how do I make my range of services as an employer known internally and externally, as opposed to other companies?" Explains Adel Gelbert, Managing Partner of the management consultancy BBDO in Munich. The basis of the employer branding strategy are the values ​​and positive characteristics of a company that have been determined with the help of the status analysis.

The first target group must in any case be the own workforce: "If what the company wants to show to the outside world matches what the employees experience internally, then the employees become the strongest multipliers," emphasizes Gelbert. "But it is not enough to hang a poster in the canteen or for every employee to carry the company values ​​with them in their wallet," he warns. "You have to enter into a dialogue."

Values ​​must be true

The difficult thing about it: The values ​​with which you want to position yourself as an employer must really be lived in the company. If they are not already part of the corporate culture anyway, then the employees will not be involved because they recognize the developed strategy for what it is: a mere advertising measure.

Employer branding therefore only works with truthfulness. Nils Abraham, managing partner of the Hamburg agency AWS: pwu: "The brand of a company also represents a value proposition. So it is not just a marketing instrument - and mustn't be", but has to be supported by real content. "

A division manager for employer branding

Ideally, the employer brand is carried by all departments of a company - not just by Human Resources. "Nevertheless, the HR department must see itself at the forefront of the movement," explains Adel Gelbert. More and more often, special employees are hired to deal exclusively with the topic of employer branding.

"It is important that you are responsible for it at the division management level," explains Christina Grubendorfer, Managing Director of the Employer Branding Academy (DEBA) in Berlin. "The topic definitely belongs to the second management level. A speaker would not have the necessary standing in the company."

(Andrea Pawlik, 2008 / Image: Kristian Sekulic, Fotolia.com)

Introduction of employer branding

The condition analysis
The personnel marketing
Involve all departments and control success
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