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Otokar Cobra

Several Otokar Cobra of the Georgian Army

General properties
crew 1 + 8 (crew transporter variant)
length 5.23 m
width 2.22 m
height 2.1 m
Dimensions 6.2 tons
Armor and armament
Main armament version dependent
Secondary armament version dependent
139 kW (189 hp)
suspension Wheel suspension 4 × 4
Top speed 115 km / h
Power / weight 22 kW / t
Range752 km

The Cobra is a lightly armored amphibious military vehicle produced by the Turkish vehicle manufacturer Otokar.

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The Cobra is a four-wheeled vehicle that is based in many parts on the US HMMWV. The outer shell is a one-piece, downward V-shaped construction.

The vehicle is said to provide protection against small arms fire, shrapnel, mines and explosives. The Cobra carries a weapon turret from the Israeli company Rafael and can be equipped with a number of different equipment, so that it can be used as a reconnaissance, patrol, command and ambulance vehicle, and to a lesser extent as a troop transport, anti-aircraft vehicle or tank destroyer. It is also possible to equip it with a radar location system. Among other things, the Cobra can be equipped with anti-tank weapons of the TOW and Spike types, light anti-aircraft missiles, a 20 mm automatic cannon or a machine gun.


The successor to the Cobra is the Cobra II presented in May 2013. Otokar announced in December 2015 that the first orders for the Cobra II had been signed.


In 1997 the first Cobras were delivered to the Turkish army. The vehicles are used by Algeria, Bahrain, Georgia (around 100 units), the Maldives (five units), Nigeria (almost 200 units), Slovenia (ten units, initially for testing), Pakistan, Turkey (almost 500 units) and the United Arab Emirates.

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