Who is the best EDM artist

TOP 10: The most famous EDM DJs in the world

EDM - electronic dance music. Everyone knows what that means, or at least thinks they know. But still no one can really agree on what that really means or whether it should mean anything at all.

Calling something electronic dance music shouldn't cause any problems, because every track that was created electronically is definitely electronic and is also dance music. Oh, if only life were so easy ...

Fans and the media seem to agree that EDM is a fiery mix of progressive house, big room, arena house, drum 'n' bass, future bass, trance, pop, hardstyle and even trap music. Plus, it includes more build-ups and drops than you can even imagine.

In addition, the genre is also the subject of many discussions. Perhaps that's why DJs themselves avoid the term almost entirely.

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That's why I just trust my instinct here. Just like a true EDM fan would do. I apologize to everyone who is convinced that Armin van Buuren and Oliver Heldens do EDM and Tiësto not. I would say the opposite, but who knows for sure.

And how to pick the "best" (another minefield you don't want to stumble into) ... I'll avoid any subjective responsibility for it by choosing the EDM DJs who are the most talked about right now . Namely through their result in the Google search as well as the number of followers and subscribers in the social media.

10. Zedd

Bourgeois name: Anton Zaslavski

Age: 28

nationality: Russian German

Also known by: The time he held hands with Selena Gomez

9. The Chainsmokers

Common names: Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

Age: 33 and 28

nationality: American

Also known by: Your non-smokers' existence ... You never really explained why they call themselves "the chain smokers," but once they hinted that it had something to do with Hugh Grant

8. Afrojack

Bourgeois name: Nick van de Wall

Age: 30

nationality: Dutch

Also known by: A height of 2.08 m

Afrojack you're tall in person .. pic.twitter.com/RgWXysoYeB

- Lauren Giraldo (@LaurenGiraldo) March 28, 2014

7. Steve Aoki

Bourgeois name: Steven Aoki

Age: 40

nationality: American

Also known by: His cake fight

6. Tiësto

Bourgeois name: Tijs Michiel Verwest

Age: 49

nationality: Dutch

Also known by: A wax figure of him in London's Madame Tussauds

5. Hardwell

Bourgeois name: Robbert van de Corput

Age: 30

nationality: Dutch

Also known by: His great judo skills

4. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Common names: Dimitri Thivaios and Michael Thivaios

Age: 36 and 32

nationality: Belgian

Also known by: Your undisputed existence as the Kings of Tomorrowland

3. Marshmello

Bourgeois name: An official secret. But his most loyal fans have already gathered pretty compelling evidence that this is Chris Comstock

Age: 26

nationality: American

Also known by: A marshmallow that is always on his head

2. David Guetta

Bourgeois name: Pierre David Guetta

Age: 50

nationality: French

Also known by: His departure on the set at Tomorrowland 2014

1. Martin Garrix

Bourgeois name: Martijn Garritsen

Age: 22

nationality: Dutch

Also known by: His absolute success before his 18th birthday

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