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The market is full of great apps for kids. But be careful: not all of them are actually suitable for the little ones. Because just because an app has no age limit doesn't mean that parents should let their offspring play with it unsupervised. Why?

The biggest problems with apps that are not suitable for children are:

  1. advertising
  2. Overstimulation
  3. Undemanding content

Most children love to occupy themselves with tablets, smartphones and the like. In addition to looking for suitable content, parents often ask themselves: How long should my child use media every day? In addition to the age of the child, it always depends on what the child uses media for. Because: Media, apps and online content can be great tools for learning if used correctly. For some learner types, this can even lead to a real learning boost.

The best children's apps: The favorites of the scoyo editorial team

1. Monument Valley - think around the corner in imaginative worlds

Monument Valley is without a doubt one of the best kids apps. A wonderful app where players have to break the rules of reality to get the silent princess Ida to her destination. Magically designed levels are waiting for the children. Finding a way through the fantastic worlds is pretty tricky and requires a lot of creative lateral thinking. A quiet game for which you need a little patience, but which rewards with beautiful pictures and intelligent puzzles.

The app is largely ad-free, but additional levels can be activated via in-app purchase for 1.99 (iOS) and 1.79 (Android).

2. Lindbergh: A mouse goes on a journey

© NordSüd Verlag / Torben Kuhlmann

Hamburg over 100 years ago: A mousetrap is invented and makes life difficult for a little mouse. Your children can immerse themselves in another time here: The clever mouse has to find ways and means to survive a trip to America unscathed. Will she be able to end her adventure with the help of the development of a flying machine? Children can have the story of the little mouse read aloud to them or train their fluency themselves. You can also follow the story interactively in the app.

3. Opera Maker - Design your own opera with you in the lead role

Opera and children don't go well together? I thought wrong! With the Opera Maker children create their own opera: from the story to the stage design to the background music. If you like, you can give your theater a very personal touch with a camera and microphone. It's a lot of fun and by the way, children learn how a stage play is created.

4. The human body - biology with a difference

Biology lessons for smartphones are available with this children's app that players can access to aJourney through the human body takes away. The control of the app is very intuitive, so that it does not need any explanatory texts and the children quickly understand how to navigate their way through their bodies. In a parents' area, parents can set which body regions their child is allowed to travel to. The offspring can use voice recording to ask questions about their body functions, which their parents can then answer.

5. Forest primer - playfully explore the forest

© Forest Primer

We have just the right thing for little nature lovers: The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has developed an app that helps kids get all sorts of exciting information about the local forests. By clicking on the various plants and animals, small explanations are displayed. The little explorers also learn more about the history of the forest through a timeline.

6. The Solar System - Professor Astrokatz

Welcome to the Astrokatz space program! As soon as the young astronauts have chosen a furry companion and received their ID card, our galaxy is open to them. The mission: discover foreign planets, build a rocket and JUST DO NOT CRASH ... The app is really lovingly designed and knows how to pack a lot of space knowledge in an exciting way.

7. Lego Movie Maker - be a director yourself

© Lego Movie Maker

The app offers the kids the opportunity to make their own cartoons with Lego figures and bricks. Lego Movie Maker is entirely in English, but the self-explanatory symbols when creating a movie do not prevent it. For a film, the various individual images are first photographed. Then the images are superimposed with the "Onion Skin" function in such a way that they merge into one another. Music or dialogues can also be stored. This gradually creates a little cartoon that can be called up on the main screen at any time.

8. Pettersson's inventions - experiments with physics, mechanics and wit

Most children are certainly familiar with Pettson and his tomcat Findus. Old Pettersson builds the most unusual gadgets to implement his cheeky friend's plans. In this children's app, too, Findus has another unusual wish - he wants to fly. Therefore, Pettersson should build a flying machine. He needs the help of the children to do this.

This app is full of crazy inventions that need to be put together and tried out. A clever and beautifully designed game thatPromotes creativity and clearly one of the best kids apps.

Pettersson's Inventions Deluxe offers part 1 and 2 of the game. The parts can also be bought individually.

9. The big word factory - immerse yourself in the world of words

The Big Word Factory is actually a children's book about a strange country where residents have to buy words in order to be able to pronounce them. Little Paul would like to tell pretty Marie how much he likes her, but he can't afford the words for it. On each page of the touching story, there are little games to discover that deepen the story. The players can rummage through forgotten words, patch up bits of words or assign vocabulary to their language. One of the best kids apps and one magical story about the value of language.     


10. The Unstoppables - Everyone is special

One for all and all for one - that is the motto of the Unstoppables. The heroes in this kids app all have a handicap. For example, Melissa is blind. Achim is in a wheelchair. Nevertheless, they don't let themselves be stopped from achieving great things. When Melissa's dog Tofu is kidnapped, the group sets off together for a rescue operation. An adventure game in which children are very much about Cohesion and Inclusion learn. Thumbs up!

Incidentally, the app comes from the Swiss Foundation for cerebrally paralyzed children.

11. Woozle Goozle App - Woozle explains the world

© Woozle Goozle

For all kids with an insatiable thirst for knowledge: Children can access the Toggo knowledge videos in the app. For every video watched, the inventor level increases. There are also small rewards that encourage you to keep looking. The inventor Woozle also patiently answers questions - it works with voice control or with one click. Games are not neglected here either, because Woozle needs the help of the young inventors to repair his inventions.

12. The mouse - laughing and non-fiction stories on the go

The clever mouse is now also available for your pocket. In the DieMaus app, children can watch past programs, put their skills to the test in mini-games or create crazy photos. Here people play, laugh and learn. A children's app that parents can use to let their offspring play carefree.

13. The mouse is busy and has a second great app: Just ask ... the mouse!

Just ask ... the mouse! is a quiz for the whole familywith clever questions about seemingly everyday things in life. In addition, in mini-gamesSkill required. Up to six players can compete here together or against each other. Due to different levels of difficulty, young and old can play together without any problems.

14. Inventioneers - invent and build crazy things

Another great kids app that demands a lot of brainpower is Inventioneers. In this application one helps the little Inventioneers,building fun inventions together. There are lots of strange objects at your disposal, such as jumping rabbits, cuckoo clocks, springs and lots of fruit and vegetables. In a “creative area” the children can also tinker together crazy tools themselves. You can share the best inventions with your friends in the kids app. That is fun,stimulates the imagination and the little ones even learn a little about physics.

15. Slice Fractions - Calculating fractions in the Ice Age

The ice age is approaching. A courageous mammoth strolls through the world, but its path is repeatedly blocked by blocks of ice and lava. The task is to clear the way for the little mammoth. Lava and ice blocks neutralize each other. By tapping, the players trigger chain reactions that clear away the blocks. It mainly comes up skill on, but also those physical thinking is trained. Gradually and almost unnoticed, breaks also come into play. Ice and lava blocks have to be divided so that they are the same size, otherwise there will be a residue - makes sense, doesn't it? A tricky children's app that challenges its players quite a bit, but promises a lot of fun.

16. Happi words - association game for children

Ant, spider, snail - what do these three have in common? Finding out the connection between the images shown is what the Happi Words app is about. Quite tricky, but makes you very proud when you have found the solution. The app is specially designed for primary school children, so the words are not overly complicated. If you stand on the hose, a sophisticated auxiliary function helps. A great app that Lateral thinking and knowledge of German trained.

17. Toggolino App - a library full of fun

In the Toggolino app, your children will find a wide range of videos, radio plays and games. As a parent, you have the option of setting time limits and excluding certain content. So you can let your children rummage through the world of Toggolino with peace of mind.

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