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Web design inspiration: 25 trend pages for designers

Fresh input on trends in web design is essential for creative minds. Fortunately, there are numerous sources on the internet that are overflowing with innovative designs. You will definitely find what you're looking for here!

We have put together the 25 most beautiful sources of inspiration for web design ideas for you.

1. Behance

Behance is one of the most popular platforms for designers. An Adobe account is required to use the site's service. Designers can publish their works on the platform and get in contact with each other. A big plus is the ability to filter by type, region and popularity of the presented web designs.

2. Awwwards

Awwwards is not only a source of inspiration, but also gives awards to the best designers. For example, you can appear as “Site of the Day” in the header of the homepage. In addition to the awards, Awwwards also awards certificates based on the score that designers receive from a jury.

3. Dribble

Dribble describes itself as the "heart of the web designer community". If you are on dribble, you will not only find countless variants of web designs, but can also share your own layouts. Dribble helps web designers to always discover new things, but also scores with the possibility of attracting interested parties and job offers.

4. Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger is built in a blog structure. On the topics of web design, UI and web development, you will find inspiration and lots of tutorials here.

5. Pinterest

While Pinterest is not a website specifically dedicated to web design, the platform should be in terms of Creativity and innovation not to be underestimated. The social network offers a lot of video and image material. You can save the so-called pins on a pin board and group together various suggestions on a specific topic, such as "flat design".

6. Design bombs

The Design Bombs website is a place where web design ideas, tutorials, and other helpful resources can be shared. There are different categories on the topics of design, freebies and WordPress.

7. The FWA

The FWA was launched in 2000 and impresses with its innovative solutions for digital design and development. The international jury is made up of more than 300 people who vote on newly submitted projects on a daily basis. It is particularly important to the team to have high-quality Web design suggestions who scout the limits of technology.

8. CSS Design Awards

The website of the CSS Design Awards not only invites you to search for inspiration, but also to vote within the community. In addition to the existing jury, users can also decide on the awarding of the awards to the respective designers.

9. One Page Love

As the name suggests, One Page Love is all about “One Pager”. One pagers are individual web pages with no additional pages. The website was launched in 2008 by designer Rob Hope, who has been filling it with new resources and web design ideas every day since then.

10. The Best Designs

The Best Designs website may seem a bit cautious at first glance. But those who dig deeper will be rewarded: The presented design ideas score with trend awareness and an innovative style.

11. Best Website Gallery

Best Website Gallery impresses above all with its versatile filter options. The web design inspirations can be narrowed down by color, CMS, style and framework. The designer and developer David Hellmann launched the site in 2008. At first it served him as a personal bookmark gallery. He now regularly feeds the website with new designs.

12. CSS Nectar

CSS Nectar pays particular attention to quality. As a user, you can submit your own works for viewing for a fee. After a jury has rated the design, it is published on the website. The other CSS Nectar users can then vote on the design.

13. Abduzeedo

The Abduzeedo platform not only presents web design inspiration, but also photography and architecture. Abduzeedo was first published in 2006 as a personal blog by product designer Fabio Sasso. The website later developed into a large platform with numerous contributors worldwide.

14. siteInspire

SiteInspire is also one of the better-known web design trend sites. The digital gallery impresses with 7,060 pages that can be searched by style, type and topic. The layouts are selected by the renowned Howells studio.

15th Square

Just opening the Square website is a real inspiration for web designers. On Square, there are no complicated rules and high fees for submitting your own layouts. This is exactly what makes it particularly attractive for beginners who do not want to spend high costs to participate in design awards.

16. Unmatched style

Unmatched Style is a CSS gallery. The website provides web design inspiration in the form of informative articles, interviews or discussions. You can submit your own page and approve it for evaluation by other users.

17. Design made in Germany

Design Made in Germany presents websites as well as illustrations, posters and logos. In addition to its function as a source of inspiration, the website also serves as a business directory for the German agency landscape. You can also register your own agency and freelance activities here and land orders through submitted layouts.

18. Codrops

Codrops is a blog for web design and web development. The published articles show articles and tutorials on current trends and techniques in the digital scene. The CSS references are also particularly interesting.

19. Zurb

The fact that the operators of Zurb are creative minds becomes clear when you visit the website. The ZURB Playground offers everything from plugins and code fragments to downloadable tools that is helpful when designing your site.

20. Web design inspiration

This point of contact for web design inspirations is particularly convincing due to the wide range of filtering options. In addition to the color and website type, you can also filter by industry and style.

21. Template monster

Behind Template Monster is a team of talented web designers and developers who offer templates for websites. So the site is not a classic address for web design, but it can never hurt to stop by the creative conglomerate to discover new impressions and innovative layouts.

22. Pipdig

Pipdig is a WordPress template provider. The layouts offer a good mix of brand new trends and established styles. This is exactly why you should definitely take a look at the Pipdig website.

23. Design inspiration

Design inspiration