What is the difference between salami and chorizo

chorizo ​​or salchichón? And what do you like best?

If the choice is triggered in this way, it can raise doubts, among other things because many people do not know the fundamental differences between the two products and actually have a common ground for both Chorizo as well as the salchichón.

Starting with the first, it should be noted that the main ingredient in Chorizo is lean pork, although it can be cooked with other meats such as deer, wild boar, etc. and as spices, this sausage, it contains garlic and necessarily paprika.

Exactly one of the differences between the different types of chorizo ​​lies in the type of paprika, which can be sweet or spicy, and that is what gives the product its red color.

Salchichón also has lean pork as its main product, but the fundamental difference with chorizo ​​lies in the spices that are added and in this case the pepperballs are used instead of the paprika and also added garlic, oregano, nutmeg or others, according to different preparation recipes.

Salchichón usually takes longer to harden or dry than chorizo, and in the latter case it may be hardened by smoking.

In both cases, Chorizo or salchichón, the lean meat used must have a minimum of fat so that the end result is juicy and pleasant on the palate, otherwise it would be dry and rough.

On the other hand, they are products of high energetic value and therefore, although they can be taken at any time of the year, they are very suitable for cold times when the body needs to absorb more calories and both chorizo ​​and salchichón you bring them without a doubt.

However, as we are close to a certain date, it is necessary to point out the good service these two products can provide during the celebrations.

Of course, it is common in Spanish cuisine to use one of these two products, chorizo ​​or salchichón, or both, as a starter or appetizer, even as the first dish, which in many places is called a starter.

They are also often used as a side dish when it comes to trying wine or some other drink, but as I pointed out one day in relation to the ham, it can be very pleasant company to be in on those very marked days Prepare a special lunch or dinner in the kitchen We only prepare it on very specific dates, especially when we share these moments with other close and dear people.

The “liturgy” that seems most advisable to me is to have the cutting board and two bars of sausage, one made from chorizo ​​and one from salchichón, and a good knife on hand to slice what we are going to eat, accompanied by A little wooden bread and a good wine.

If you've never done it before, give it a try and you'll see.

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