Is there music on Music Xray

X-Ray: Amazon Music receives popular feature from Prime Video

With Prime Video and Kindle, the feature has long been part of the regular Anmazon equipment. Perhaps it's even a feature that makes Prime Video a better service than arch-rivals Netflix, regardless of the content selection. The "X-Ray" christened feature, which provides useful background information on actors or producers, is now also finding its way into Amazon's music streaming service.

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Fun facts for well-known UK and US titles

From now on, X-Ray will be available worldwide in Amazon Music. As can be read on Engadget, Amazon said that X-Ray currently has fun facts about "some of the most popular songs in the US and UK" and is expected to over time "with an ever-growing catalog of songs and Artist Information ”. Up until now, it was possible to display the lyrics to match the playback.

If you are not interested in further instruction, but just want to enjoy good music, you can just ignore X-Ray. Information about singers, producers, copywriters, musicians and more is only available after an explicit tip or swipe upwards.

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