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Publishing company: Marvel (Copyright all Marvel Characters © Marvel Characters, Inc.)

Surname: Black panther

Right name: T'Challa

Other names / surnames: The King of Wakanda

First appearance: Fantastic Four No. 52 (July 1966)

Creator: Writer: Stan Lee and illustrator: Jack Kirby

Super skills / weapons: Superhuman senses, strength, speed and endurance, hunter and tracker, master in African martial arts, above-average intelligence. He owns the "magic sword" Ebony Blade ". Ball and stab-proof suit made of vibranium.

Origin of his powers: His powers were enhanced by a mysterious heart-shaped herb. He also owns a suit made of the rare "Vibranium" metal. It absorbs kinetic energy and is therefore also puncture and bulletproof. His boots / soles are also made of this material, which also has the property of absorbing sound. This enables him to sneak up on his opponents on any surface.

Curriculum vitae:
T'Challa is the son of the King of Wakanda, T'Chaka. When his father is murdered by the ivory hunter Ulysses Klaw, he swears revenge. He succeeds in defeating Klaw in a fight. After graduating in physics in America and Europe, he returns to his homeland to ascend the throne. But he has to pass two exams:
1. He must defeat six of the best Wakanda warriors in an unarmed battle and
2. He must find the mysterious heart-shaped herb that only grows in Wakanda. Through this he also gains his increased physical strength and senses. After passing this double test, he is presented with the robe of the "Black Panther" and ascended the throne.
He later meets Captain America and becomes a member of the Avengers.

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