How do I get a Oneirology degree

Oneirology describes in psychology the method of dream interpretation. On the album of the same name, the CunninLynguists lead the listener through the depths of their nocturnal subconscious. Of Predormition, the transition from wakefulness to sleep to the penultimate track, Hypnopomp, the phase of waking up, the three from Kentucky never leave the realm of dreams, so the term Ā»concept albumĀ« seems almost an understatement. Kno creates an imaginative soundscape with dense, atmospheric synths, combined with well-placed samples, piano and guitar instrumentals and pitched vocals. Deacon the Villain and Natti add to the melancholy of his production with critical and metaphorical lyrics on topics such as drug abuse As hard as they come. In terms of quality, the album definitely lives up to the high expectations that have built up after the almost four-year break since the last studio album. Kno has even raised the bar in terms of complexity and works overall Oneirology extremely mature and well considered. Halfway through the album, however, you wait for an impulse that frees you from the entanglements of the musical sound carpet in between. Those who are not prepared for a Freudian journey through the emotional abysses of the Lynguists wish, maybe before the male (?) Angel choirs of the last track Embers to wake up. Still you can Oneirology actually not agree. The album sounds uncompromisingly like a further development of the Lynguists and stands Dirty Acres in nothing after.

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