How badly did the menopause hit you?

Emotional chaos? So much the menopause causes relationship problems

Hormones on the Move: Consequences of Menopause

The hormonal change often manifests itself in physical and emotional complaints - but does not have to be: Around a third of all women can look forward to a symptom-free menopause. Typical symptoms that indicate the onset of menopause are, in addition to the dreaded hot flashes, sleep disorders, vaginal dryness and mood swings. But pain in the upper abdomen and abdomen or during sex can also occur during the menopause.

Does menopause cause relationship problems?

Even the best relationship will go through menopause. Because menopausal symptoms also have an impact on the social environment: women often complain about an uncontrollable emotional chaos that the partner also gets to feel. One day still happy and motivated, the next day sad or even depressed for no reason - menopause drives many women to the edge of despair. So that the partner does not relate a sudden upset to himself or the relationship, it is particularly important to speak openly about problems, worries and wishes. Although men themselves are physically spared from the menopausal chaos, they often suffer just as much from emotional upheavals or insecurity.

Good sex despite menopause

Menopause can also affect sexual life: vaginal dryness, itching and burning sensation during intercourse or increasing sexual displeasure often occur at the beginning of menopause. Other women, however, speak of the exact opposite and observe increased pleasure during the menopause. This makes it all the more important to talk to your partner about any problems and to find the best way for both of them. If you have persistent symptoms or more serious problems in your sex life, a confidential discussion with the gynecologist can help. Going to a professional therapist or having an open conversation with your best friend can also take the pressure off you. Creams, suppositories or lubricants help against vaginal dryness during sex. Basically, those affected should take more time when making love and make sure that they are properly aroused - then vaginal dryness should not be an issue during sex.

Menopause as inspiration

Basically, menopause should not only be viewed negatively: Use this phase of your life to realize yourself personally and to discover new hobbies for yourself that make you happy. A lot of exercise and sports such as swimming, Zumba, jogging, yoga or Pilates can help you feel better about your body. Creative occupations such as painting, drawing, music or handicrafts free your thoughts, at least for a short time, and distract you from the hormonal and emotional chaos of menopause. Hormone-free, plant-based drugs are also said to have a positive effect on persistent physical menopausal symptoms.