Can I do business in partnership

Negotiation: 4 Strategies for Doing Business Successfully

Anyone who wants to rely on their intuition in a negotiation actually leaves the field to chance. That is why it is all the more important to have the four classic strategies in your quiver as arrows. And to implement them using the right tactics.

Which individual approach is the right one depends on the particular situation, the circumstances to be negotiated and, last but not least, on the people involved in the conversation.

1. Partnership

The partnership strategy includes:

  • Appreciation
  • respect
  • Danger

Anyone who strives for a long-term relationship with the negotiating partner, or is even dependent on him, uses this method. overSimilarities to talk before the differences come on the table, a pleasant oneAtmosphere for discussion Establishing and striving for a balance between giving and receiving are the small steps in partnership negotiations. This is how one succeedsWin-win situationin which both parties consider the advantages to be greater than the disadvantages.

2. Generate pressure

time pressurecorner the negotiating partner, Price and cost pressure or the reference to the competitor. Whether you threaten the other party, point out a follow-up appointment or make your own calculations of raw material costs that contradict those of the supplier - pressure forces the negotiating partner to act. And possibly lead him to make a mistake.

But when it comes to pressure, there are those too moral limits fluent: Does the end justify the (unfair) means? If, for example, insults or aggressive behavior are resorted to for the sake of one's own Negotiation goals to realize? One thing is certain, if you are well prepared, you don't even have to unpack the dirty tricks because you will be ahead in the negotiation right from the start. And: bad style is usually not one Sign of strength.

3. Dodge

Some things take care of themselves. Those who do not want to or cannot commit themselves choose this method. Not finding a suitable date, being on vacation or making a major software change are a means of avoiding a negotiation in advance.

But even during the conversation it is legitimate to go to the toilet, or to want to talk to the boss, or one time-wasting counter-question to deliver. Especially when the other party exerts pressure to rethink a change in strategy or to regain composure.

4. Give in

Anyone who plans to give in beforehand does not have to use this strategy as a stopgap solution. One is then ready to meet certain demands or Accept terms, and takes this, for example, as an opportunity to make the other person give in as well.

Frieder Gamm is a negotiation expert. During his many years of activity in purchasing and sales for Porsche AG in Stuttgart, he experienced, applied and defended every negotiating tactic himself. His specialty: creating the turnaround in seemingly hopeless situations. In his lectures, the business speaker presents “people on whom no one would have bet even a cent” - and who in the end nevertheless emerged victorious thanks to the right preparation and strategy.