How many types of granite are there

Overview of types of granite

There are thousands of types of granite around the world that are mined and used as decorative building materials. In addition, many hard stones are also grouped under the name granite in the trade, which are actually not granites in the scientific sense.

Quality of granite types

All these types of granite have similar properties and are comparable in terms of durability and chemical stability. Differences in quality between types of granite arise particularly during the production of granite.

A few quarry operators continue to use explosives to mine their granite, but this can damage the surrounding granite rock. These types of granite are noticeable through microscopic cracks in the rock. These hairline cracks are then glued with synthetic resins to make the natural stone durable again.

Visible differences in quality also arise when a type of granite is polished. There should be no visible scratches from the polishing discs in the granite.

Types of granite by color

Almost all types of granite consist of more than one color, because as conglomerate rock, granite stones are composed of different types of stone. This is why granites can be combined particularly well with others in the living area. Some examples of granite colors are:

Granite types according to price

The very different prices of granite types are due to two factors. On the one hand, the extraction of each type of granite is differently complex, because many granite quarries are located in areas that are difficult to access and must first be developed, roads are sometimes not available or can only be used to a limited extent to transport the heavy granite blocks.

On the other hand, the sawing and polishing of the granite slabs is different, depending on the type of granite. Particularly hard types of granite put more stress on the tools, whereas brittle types of granite produce more unusable waste.

The prices of granite types therefore fluctuate widely between a few euros for a granite floor tile in the hardware store around the corner, to many hundreds of euros for rare types of granite that are particularly popular in terms of color.

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