Which hair products does Donald Trump use

Trump and taxes: hairdressers, tax authorities, wrong tracks

Nobody will say that the outward appearance of politicians and heads of state is not important: Some still wear uniforms today, others wear expensive Brioni suits, and still others show off unusual shoes or funny men's socks. The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, usually wears his ties noticeably long. And he goes to the hairdresser. Formerly at state expense.

Women's salons are more expensive

The US President’s previous hairdressing bills are one of the many details that have been read and discussed in the US media since the exclusive research was published by the New York Times under the heading “The President’s Taxes”. So the nation now knows that their first husband in the state taxed more than $ 70,000 in expenses for his haircut. Well, at that time he was still active as a TV star in the series "The Apprentice". Incidentally, his daughter Ivanka even cost the taxpayer $ 95,464 - from a purely hairstyle perspective. But you know that women's salons are always more expensive.

Ivanka Trump's visits to the hairdresser are also included in the tax documents

Income tax: $ 750

The haircut thing isn't the real scandal. The NYT report paints the picture of a president who has barely paid any income tax for many years and who can be seen as someone who exempts his own state. Trump reacted shortly after the publication in a press conference in the White House, as he always reacts: "It's fake news. Totally fake news." False report, fictitious. He knows that the "New York Times" treat him badly. In a video published by the White House on Twitter, the President's reply can be heard and seen after 25 minutes.


According to the report in question, Trump only paid $ 750 federal income tax in the 2016 election year. In words: seven hundred and fifty. In 2017, too, in his first year in the White House, he only paid $ 750 federal income tax, writes the NYT under the heading "The President's Taxes": The paper claims to have published Trump's tax documents viewed for more than 20 years.

Accordingly, Trump has not paid any taxes in ten of the past 15 years because he reported more losses than profits. The Republican's tax returns were already an issue in the 2016 election campaign: the former real estate mogul was the first US president since Richard Nixon (1969 to 1974) to refuse to disclose his tax returns. Trump is keeping a low profile on his finances, which has led to speculation over and over again whether he has something to hide.

For the NYT, the research is the culmination of a journalistic battle against the man in the White House. Review: January 20, 2017, the inauguration of Donald Trump. In the editorial offices, NYT editor-in-chief Dean Baquet and close associates follow the swearing-in of the new man in the White House on television. "I think it's going to be a huge test," says Baquet. "It will be a difficult test." And then Baquet asks his reporters to get to work. The scene was captured by award-winning documentary filmmaker Liz Garbus for the Showtime series "The Fourth Estate".

Duel Biden vs. Trump

Since Trump's inauguration on January 20, 2017, the NYT has hardly missed an opportunity to report critically on the president. So it is also their job as "The Fourth Estate", the fourth estate: The paper has the world's leading opinion pages, but also in the news and political columns failures and misconduct of the first man in the state are taken up again and again. Alongside the news channel CNN and the Washington Post, the NYT has become Trump's most important object of hate. It also represents the political and cultural elite who "punished" many Trump voters in the province in the last election. What will it be like in the upcoming presidential election on November 3rd?

Dean Baquet, Editor-in-Chief of the "New York Times"

This week, Trump will compete for the first time in a TV duel with his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, the man whom the President incessantly denounces as "Sleepy Joe" because of his advanced age, the "sleepy Joe". One can safely assume that the two gentlemen will also talk about financial matters. NYT editor-in-chief Baquet wrote in a comment on his editorial team's exclusive research: "We are publishing this report because we believe that citizens should know as much as possible about their leaders and representatives."

Outrage from the junior

Or was the NYT just laying the wrong track? "You bring out this selective image two days before the debate to provide a target for someone like Joe Biden," said Donald Trump Jr. on Fox News. Interesting detail: Trump Jr. did not deny the numbers cited in the NYT report. He only criticized the newspaper for not mentioning other payments. "My father paid tens of millions in taxes."

It may be that the father followed the interview in the White House because he later tweeted that he had paid millions in taxes.

Which one would really like to read in detail. Like the hairdresser's bills.