How do newbies get into freestyle rap

Beginner: My first rap lyrics


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Hi "VersagerMitStyle" - hihi - guuder username

I know that the text is not the best, but I would be very happy if I could get some tips from "real professionals"

I'm a zero rap professional - but for 15 years, you delivered a great text that made me smile in many places (in a positive sense)

I also have big problems with the chorus ... because I just can't get it: /

That shows that you are on the right track. Because the chorus is pretty important; this is what determines whether the audience actually listens.
Your text and topic are a great start - just stick with it; think about what the core of what you want to express with the text, then you will automatically think of a good refrain.

A few unsightly formulations ....

But you play with me
Like a flag in the wind

how the flag plays with the wind ... would make more sense - but no more rhyme
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