Are fibromyalgia and Lyme disease linked?

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Verena Ehmann

Hello everyone, I've already written here and had a tick bite in May 2013, I removed the animal myself. Days later I had wandering redness twice, but not there. A few weeks later all hell broke out: headache, stomach ache with crazy cramps, heart pounding, chest pain, that I thought I had a heart attack. So off to the HA ... .. who said that everything is somatic and sent me back home. Then I had Elisa, Westernblot and LTT done at my own expense and lo and behold ... positive, not high, but positive. I literally begged my HA to prescribe antibiotics ... no way. Then the first joint effusions came out of nowhere, three times in the knee, once in the elbow ... then I changed the HA and now I finally got antibiosis as an infusion for the first time for 15 days ... I was the happiest person ... no more pain , could eat everything again, sleep like a bear, went away and lived ... until ... until the next episode ... this time with heart attacks from another planet. So once I was completely turned upside down, there is, sorry, no more hole and no organ that has not been examined. Stomach in the best order, heart perfect for my age, no calcifications, arteries and veins squeaky clean, head MRI perfect, intestines great, only the cervical spine is in the bucket, lungs great (although I've smoked for almost 30 years) but the complaints came and went , Sweats at night, tremors, freezing, worst of all are the headaches that sometimes tear, then squeeze or hammer again, a tinnitus (I was an ENT doctor, the entire vertigo diagnostics), no signs, but sometimes the whole world turns around me. So again antibiosis, this time orally for 6 weeks ... then another dream ... no pain ... like a new life and now for four weeks head and neck pain that is almost unbearable. I hardly tolerate medication and neither antidepris nor morphine help ... and I'm not a friend of Medis anyway, because I was a pharmacist by profession. I changed my diet, I'm not overweight / 1.70 m and 57 kg, don't drink alcohol and haven't smoked for 4 years). It doesn't help, so again doctors marathon, because slowly an anxiety disorder, whether it is not something bad after all, has now been to the ophthalmologist, on Monday I have pressure measurements, on November 19th. the third MRI of the head, can hardly sleep, am so desperate because this condition is ruining me and I just want my old life again I am 62 years old, like to go to metal concerts, until recently I was a bodyguard, the job was my one and only and now I am at home and don't understand the world anymore. The consolation that I'm not alone with all this shit ... doesn't really help.
The pain comes and goes, up and down, today there, tomorrow there, the day after tomorrow somewhere else. But my HA tries to help me and if they don't find anything bad in the MRI head on November 19, then I get infusions again. Maybe then this nightmare will stop for a while. I hope so. I wish everyone here a speedy recovery and a lot of strength