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Occupational Qualification - Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The graduates have acquired basic knowledge and professional competence relating to the discipline of chemistry. They are able to apply basic techniques and methods that are used to solve problems with chemical background based on quantitative and qualitative assessment related to fields such as Synthesis, Analysis and Chemical Technology. They are able to evaluate safety requirements for basic experimental work, analytical results and measurements with regard to their scientific, economic and ecological significance. The graduates are also trained to evaluate, present and communicate (written and verbally) scientific topics and chemical theories. They are able to deal with scientific sources of information. In the third years studies the graduates are introduced to scientific research in chemistry by lectures, seminars and practical courses. In addition to the subject-related competences, they have acquired generic (soft) skills and gained experience in working on projects in a team, which qualifies the graduates in the occupational area of ​​chemistry.
The bachelor course of chemistry studies qualifies to enter a master course. Additionally, the graduates have gained basic knowledge and practical skills to work in chemically-oriented companies, authorities and research institutes with main focus on chemical (synthesis, analysis, documentation, monitoring) and analytical laboratory work. Other professional fields of activity might be sales and marketing, administration, consulting, education and environmental protection.

Documents for Bachelor's Program

Examination and study regulations for Bachelor's Program in Chemistry (german)
Module catalog for Bachelor's Program in Chemistry (german)