What is a giveaway contest

Creating a contest QR code is fun and easy

Are you looking for new ways to get more customers, grow your sales, and increase your social media engagement? Maybe you want to add to your email list?

Creating QR codes for giveaway contests can be an excellent way to get around to inspire more customers about your products and services. We're going to look at some use cases that show how the pros do it, and how you can do it too. The great thing is that you can do it for free too!

It's not like you can throw out any QR code and people will start scanning it like crazy. It has to have a neat design, a call to action, and a few other aspects. There are certain tips and tricks that we'll be looking at in this guide that are significant Increase Your Conversions.

What is a QR code giveaway?

While giving away products and services for free might not make sense straight away, there is a strong track record behind these giveaway types of marketing campaigns. While it does require a small initial investment, overall it is much cheaper in the long run if you tried to get the same results through traditional marketing. The reason for this is that all you have to do is pick one winner. And your own products and services really cost you much less than the retail prices offered to the customer.

Let's take a look at our first example of using Sparkplug coffee. They run a 3 month free coffee subscription campaign through a QR code giveaway. And that's how it works:

  • Customers see the call to action (CTA)
  • You are happy about the offer
  • You scan the QR code with your smartphone
  • To participate you have to enter your email
  • And voila - you have one now growing email list for marketing. And all you had to do was give away a few packs of coffee.

So they may have given one person around $ 150 worth of coffee when the actual cost to make it was only $ 60. And they have received an email list of over 7,500 people who have signed up for this campaign. It is impossible for them to get a relevant email list from 7,500 people for $ 60 with any conventional advertisement or even with online advertisements. Facebook and Google ads are very expensive these days. If you run a physical business, you should take advantage of QR code marketing by using a QR code generator with logos and CTAs (calls to action).

Why you need to create QR codes for giveaways

Now that you have all of these customers on your email list, now is the time to start thinking about how we could use this email list. Mailchimp has a really good article on how to re-target your customers for email marketing. The main goal with this is that the people who signed up will make even more purchases in the future if you push them a little bit in the right direction. Everyone has a lot on their minds these days and is constantly distracted. So if you don't use marketing or advertising, you are likely to lose valuable business.

If you really want to take things to the next level, why not put some urgency enabled. Let's do this by creating a Limited Time Giveaway Contest. Make sure that this won't last forever. Have you ever seen those crazy rampages that happen on Black Friday every year? That's because it only happens once a year and people get so upset about it. Urgency is a wonderful little brainhack to increase your conversions and opt-ins.

To sum things up, here are a few reasons why you should have a giveaway contest ASAP:

  • Build one huge email list Super fast
  • Boost your social media Commitment and allegiance
  • Get your customers used to new products (ideal for introductory campaigns)
  • Increase your traffic to your website
  • Spend very little money on many results

How do QR codes work for freebies?

Nowadays, most of the freebies are made online and a lot of spam is on social media. So it's really no wonder that humans have developed this skill called banner blindness. This means that you can't just put any ad that you want, put it online, and hope it will make millions. The world just doesn't work that way anymore.

While online advertising is still making money, this one is about zigzagging while the others are zigzagging. When you have a physical product or location, it only makes sense to generate QR codes to get the best of both worlds offline and online. This way you can use multiple sales channels and get the maximum profit from your campaigns. If you're interested in learning more about how they work, check out this article at What is a QR Code ?.

Our second application example is that of the Värska company, which produces bottled water. They use a giveaway campaign for the summer time to distribute a free bike every month. It doesn't cost you much, but you can be sure that your email list is growing at a rapid pace.

Custom branded QR code design

With the help of a QR code generator tool, they are able to create QR codes that can be fully customized to suit brand guidelines and general design aspects. This is important because it gives users a sense of the quality of your brand.

If you have a really nice looking product but decide to slap a random QR code on it, then this just looks out of place. Also, you may need to change the content of this QR code to a different page or action. This is not possible with normal static QR codes. One thing is the reprint cost, but what if your product is already on the shelves of hundreds of stores? You probably won't be doing a product recall just because you need a different QR code, right? Here you will find dynamic QR codes come into play and why they are so powerful.

With Pageloot you can easily create QR codes that fit your company and brand design. Things like adding a logo in the middle, changing the shape and colors of the QR codes, or even adding a gradient can be done very easily. You can even create QR codes to get more customer reviews if you need to. Take a look at this guide for more information on QR code design and how to create custom QR codes.

Engage more mobile users

One of the main reasons QR codes convert so well these days is that they are primarily intended for scanning and use with smartphones. The content associated with QR codes is already made for mobile devices and screens so it will fit perfectly.

Many companies have chosen to use more QR codes in all of their marketing plans because it is getting more people off their desks and shopping on their phones. People are more and rather tend to buy on their smartphonesBecause that's what consumers use most of the time these days - it almost always sticks to their hand. Users have a super easy way to scan the QR code and they don't have to type in anything manually or look it up later.

Track your advertising results with QR codes

Did you know you Optimize your QR code campaigns also? It's not just set in stone when the codes are printed. We always recommend using Dynamic QR Codes for all marketing campaigns because they offer the flexibility to change things up later if necessary. In addition, they offer tracking data and retargeting functions via Facebook and Google ads.

You can see the results of your QR code scans by city and country, when they were scanned, and even the total number of individual people who participated. In combination with a Facebook pixel or Google Analytics short code, the data can be very meaningful. It's possible to track every step of your customer's journey from scanning to conversion, so you can see how many people actually bought something. Later, we could send these people more exclusive offers with retargeting.

Update your QR codes without reprinting

Our third and final use case is to download a QR code app. Yes, even downloading an app can be a giveaway if done correctly. In this example, people get a big discount if they download a parking application via a QR code instead of using the old school parking machine in the garage.

It can sometimes happen that your App Store URL changes. This can be really costly in time and money when you need to reprint and replace QR codes. The easier way is to check out dynamic QR codes from Pageloot. This saves you the hassle of ever having to deal with such a situation.

PRO tip: Always make sure your QR codes are big enough to scan! Otherwise, the results can be disastrous. Not sure How big should the QR codes be? Check out this guide.

The main idea is to get more people to use the app because that way it's cheaper in the long run. That would mean that fewer parking machines and fewer people would have to work, so that no one would have to do the costly manual work.

To make the giveaway even more exciting, every fifth installer receives an additional bonus registration discount, which is only available for a limited time. So with this marketing campaign you are taking advantage of the urgency method.