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It’s going to start soon: Huawei is leaving the Android world, the Google ban is leading to HarmonyOS

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We could see HarmonyOS for the first time this year. A test phase of the Android replacement will start shortly before Christmas.

So far, regardless of the political situation in the USA, it looks difficult that Huawei will only rely on its own software in the long term. You are gradually turning your back on Android. With the Google ban, the platform makes only limited sense for Huawei. The HarmonyOS will already be testable on the first Huawei smartphones in the coming months. Now a few more details about the Chinese manufacturer's immediate timing plans followed.

HarmonyOS is in the early test phase, it could start before Christmas

An early developer version of HarmonyOS is currently being successfully tested, and an available beta version for developers should be available in December of this year. After this public beta phase started in December, users should be able to update some of the already available Huawei devices to HarmonyOS in the spring. Everything voluntarily in an early test phase and maybe only China-only for now.

Huawei announced a few months ago that devices that have already been sold can be upgraded to HarmonyOS. So far, the manufacturer has kept just as much a secret as the expected HarmonyOS user interface. A particularly simple installation process has already been mentioned, but such a company can always promise a lot. So far, Huawei has talked a lot and shown little, which scratches trust.

So far, Huawei has only promised a lot

Meanwhile, things are going downhill with Huawei on installments, and the lack of Google apps is now having an impact on the sales of newer devices. HarmonyOS will not be a salvation either and will hardly be able to fill the hole that is emerging in the western markets, at least that's my rather pessimistic view of things.

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