What is the race of a man

Pit bull or pug: what a dog REALLY says about the character of its master

Does the pug or the German shepherd really show us what makes a man tick? Sure: Hello drawer, cliché and prejudice! In our defense: There is something to almost every cliché. And that kind of pigeonhole thinking is sometimes just fun when you look: what's right and what's wrong. Sure, not every pug owner is the same as another. But it makes a difference whether a guy gets a pit bull or a poodle, right? That's exactly why we thought about it a few times - have fun and don't take everything too seriously!

No. 1: The pug owner

The owner of the pug species is definitely worth an eye-catcher. He is usually very stylish, and it is not uncommon for the owner of a pug to be a real hipster. He even goes to the weekly pug meeting in the park for his sweetheart, where you can be among yourself and philosophize about the pug itself and its peculiarities. Usually his little dog has a particularly smart name, called "Herr Schmitz" or "Hubert" and is always allowed to sit on his lap.

His master is very caring for his pug, but never chuckles. That is why "Herr Schmitz" and "Hubert" have also learned to lie quietly and well under the table when the master is drinking an espresso in his trendy café and working around for hours on his cell phone. In any case, the pug and the man are a super charming, very well-coordinated team. Special, but extremely adorable.

# 2: He has a golden retriever

The owner of a Golden Retriever is an absolute family guy. Some don't know yet, but his reliable and mature nature makes him a natural born dad. That's why a quiet contemporary, like the frugal, peaceful Golden Retriever, is needed. He exudes a cosiness that is very important to his master. Mostly he has a stressful job, is successful self-employed and enjoys the peace and quiet of his evening on the couch. The golden retriever slumbering peacefully at his feet.

As a partner, this type of man is quickly sold out, and usually not only has the nice family retriever, but also a wife and child by his side. So grab it and don't hesitate when you meet such a man.

No. 3: Husky type

The owner of a husky is usually extremely sporty and also a little solitary. Like the husky, who is never as affectionate and people-oriented as other dog breeds, is also his master. He likes to be alone in the mountains, in nature while cycling - the main thing is fresh air and no stress. For him, sport is just as much a part of everyday life as the ice-cold beer in the evening.

As a man he is very attractive (the sporty body alone is not to be despised), and we women love him because he is always a little at a distance. But don't worry: if you let the Husky type into your heart, you stay in it - sometimes forever.

No. 4: Best friend German Shepherd

The German shepherd owner is often a little conservative and traditional. Why does he have a German Shepherd? Because he thinks these dogs still resemble the original wolves. Not such a pampered mini dog, but a real wolf in tame form. That is important to him. That is why he also pays attention to species-appropriate keeping. That means: his dog is treated very well - but not pampered. Nothing falls off the table or nobody puts their dog's paws on the bed or couch.

As a partner, this type of man is more of the down-to-earth type, for whom facts count and who doesn't like to go around the bush for long. That is why he only considers women who have both feet firmly on the ground, who are independent and self-confident. He just likes things to be clear and honest, open and direct. A man with set ideas - sometimes a little intolerant. But everyone has their own mistakes, right?

No. 5: It has to be a mixed breed

A man who has a mixed breed is usually the eternal boy. The type of man who never seems to grow up. He loves to frolic with his dog, do tons of nonsense with him and laugh at his funny actions. His dog belongs to him like - let's say it with a hit - his name on the door. Inseparable and both with a stunning charm.

Women are usually very attracted to this type of man - unfortunately only sometimes the dog comes before the woman. That was not wanted, but it happened. Grmpf! Nevertheless, a wonderfully refreshing type of man, with whom you will certainly never get bored.

No. 6: Help, a horn - and now?

Oha. This is not entirely safe. Because usually the little foot horn (aka Chihuahua, Pekingese, Yorkshire Terrier) is a leftover from his last relationship (which man please get a dog that fits in a medium-sized handbag ??!). And just as the dog of the ex is still in his life, so is his ex-girlfriend, unfortunately, too.

Second negative point: All your friends think he's gay - stupid prejudice! But unfortunately it's just in the mind. You know better and will take your miniature dog owner into your heart. After all, the owner of such a delicate being is always sensitive and soulful - and is not afraid of strange looks. Man with a mini dog à la Paris Hilton - you need a lot of self-confidence. But he also has. OK then!

No. 7: Type 'fighting dog'

This type of man owns a pit bull. All right, you think. This is about masculinity and strength - but not only. On the outside, this man is definitely the tough guy who can handle any situation and would do exactly anything for his loved one. No danger he wouldn't save her from without blinking an eyelid. His dog is his loyal companion. Most of the time it doesn't have a real name, but rather ends with "dog" or "fat".

When he is out in the evening, "dog" or "fat" is there and takes care of his master. No one may approach him with evil intentions with impunity. Both are two thugs and scoundrels, but deep down in their hearts both master and dog are quite tame. Two lambs in wolf's clothing who like to show themselves hard, but still have a wonderfully soft core. And this mix is ​​really sexy. A man to fall in love with - in any case.

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