What happened to EXO M.

Normal day?

The next morning I was awakened by a slight shake of my shoulder. I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes first. Then I looked around and saw Lay, who was standing next to me and Luhan, who was sitting next to me and didn't look very awake either. I sat on the couch in the living room. Luhan and I came down during the night because I couldn't sleep. Suddenly the call came back to me. Who was that on the phone and why did they threaten me? Chanyeol just came into the living room and sat down next to me. My thoughts still linger on the call. Panic overcame me. I quickly pulled my legs to my body and wrapped my arms around myself. Chanyeol put an arm around me and tried to calm me down. Over time I calmed down and suddenly it occurred to me that it was school today. But what time was it? I quickly checked the clock over the door. It was already 9:30 a.m. So I had already missed the first two hours. I was just about to get up when I was pulled back onto the cpouch.

Chanyeol: "You don't have to go to school today. I called Jungkook. He's calling your teacher sick."

Sun: "Thanks Channie."

He began to laugh softly. I had been giving him this nickname for two days and he was laughing anew every time. How did he tell me. He thought the name was cute. Even so, he sometimes got annoyed that I didn't call him oppa. He was just too cute. I had my own nickname for each of them. Everyone thought it was cute how I called them. It was just fun. Luhan looked around briefly. By now, all of Exo had gathered in the living room.

Kris: "What do we do about the call now?"

Everyone looked at Kris questioningly. Hadn't Chanyeol told them about it yet?

Xiumin: "What call?"

Chanyeol briefly explained what had happened to the others. Then we started to think more about it.

Tao: "We'll just wait for that person to call again."Chanyeol: "Are you crazy. We can't just wait until they call again. Something else could have happened by then."Suho: "Calm down, Chanyeol. It looks like this will be the only option." Lay: "As long as we just take better care of them."Sun: "I agree."Chanyeol: "But not me."Luhan: "Don't worry Chanyeol. As long as we take care of her, nothing will happen to her."Chanyeol: "All right. Let's do it that way. I'll let Jungkook and Zelo know so they'll take care of you at school."Baekhyun: "Exactly and tomorrow is Saturday anyway, so we'll just take you to the entertainment."Kris: "Then that would be settled."

Everyone nodded. Now everyone turned back to their activities. Luhan and Sehun snuggled on the couch and I sat next to it and watched a movie. Kyungsoo, Xiumin and Chen stood in the kitchen preparing the food. Chayneol and Kris had disappeared into Chanyeol's room. Baekhyun and Kai were in Kai's room playing some racing game. Suho phoned the manager and Tao and Lay were in the hobby room going over the different dances again. Over time, the film got boring, so I turned off the TV. I was about to get up and go to my room when my cell phone rang. I looked at it and suddenly my blood froze in my veins. As if drowned in hydrochloric acid, I now stood in front of the couch and looked spellbound at the cell phone display. The display read * Unknown number *. That could only be the ones from tonight. Luhan came to me and looked at the screen.

Luhan: "Is it the ones who called tonight?"Sun: "Y-yes"

He took my hand out of my hand. Then he called everyone into the living room. The cell phone still rang. When everyone was gathered in the living room, Luhan gave me my cell phone and told me to answer it. I did what he said and answered it, put on the loudspeaker.

Sun: "Hello."Unknown: "Didn't we say you should stay away from the boys."Sun: "But you have nothing to tell me. How do you even know who I am?"Unknown: "It doesn't matter. Just follow our instructions and stay away from the boys. We understood each other."Sun: "..........."    Unknown: "I said: we got along."

Chaneol burst the collar.

Chanyeol: "How dare you threaten my little sister?"Unknown: "Oh ... you ... you listened."Chayneol: "Of course we listened. You are threatening my little sister after all."Unknown: "Sh-sister. Oh oh. It ... E-We're sorry ....."

They had already hung up. The voice at the end. She looked so familiar to me. I had heard it before. But only where. I thought about it a little, but I couldn't think of it. When I was back in reality, I looked around. The boys were gone again. Only Chanyeol stood next to me with Luhan. Chanyeol gave me back my phone and left the living room. Luhan sat with me on the couch.

Luhan: "Hopefully now you have your peace and quiet."Sun: "Hopefully."

Together with Luhan I was now sitting on the couch and didn't know what to do with myself. Luhan suddenly had the brilliant idea and wanted to cuddle. At first I resisted it, but lost. So now I was sitting on the couch and cuddling with the sweet, childlike Luhan. Really, sometimes he acted like he was younger than me. But that's also the cute thing about him. After a while, Sehun came into the living room and eyed us critically. While I sat trying to catch my breath, Luhan just grinned. Sehun noticed my look.

Sehun: "You Lulu. I think you're crushing Sun right now."

Luhan broke away from me and looked at me apologetically. I just nodded and got up. Then I disappeared into my room.

The rest of the day actually goes by quickly. We ate lunch, watched a movie together and Lay showed me a few more dance steps afterwards. Now it was 11 p.m. and I was sitting on my bed. The others were already asleep because they had to go to training tomorrow. Of course I went with them, which is why I should actually have to sleep. Unfortunately, I wasn't tired. So I grabbed my laptop and turned it on. When it booted, I opened Skype and luckily my best friend was online. Andrea, called Andy. I quickly clicked on her name and called her via video chat.

Sun: "Andy!"I waved at the camera.  Andy: "Sun. How are you?"She waved back.  Sun: "Quite good. The boys are all really nice to me."I started to grin. Andy: "Which guys?"Oops. Andy didn't even know anything about it. Sun: "Oops .... I haven't told you that yet. My brother is in a K-Pop band."She started to smile. Andy liked K-Pop as much as I did, so she'll be knocked off the chair when the info comes up.  Andy: "In which"Sun: "Exo."Andy: "* Screech * Really now. Your brother is with Exo ...... Wait. Your brother is Chanyeol."Sun: "Yup." Andy: "OMG. How cool is that. You live at Exo * Screech *"Sun: "Andy. Please be a little quieter. The boys are already sleeping."Andy: "Sorry. You Sun. Can we chat another time. I'm going to babysit tonight."Sun: "Sure. See you then. Love you."Andy: "Okey. See you then. Me too."

She had already hung up. Sometimes she was really crazy. I signed out of Skype and turned off the laptop. I put this next to my bed. Then I lay down and fell asleep very quickly.