What is our responsibility in international cooperation

At a glance: This is how we take on social responsibility

As GIZ, we are committed to sustainable development and a future worth living for all in around 120 countries. We see ourselves not only as a leading provider of international development cooperation services, but also as a company that lives its social responsibility internally.

We achieve our corporate goals best when our around 20,000 employees not only share our visions, goals and values, but also feel them in the company's dealings with them. Satisfied and motivated employees are our goal and incentive at the same time, because we also see them as our best ambassadors to the outside world.

In this respect, we are happy to take on our social responsibility. It is important for us that our employees combine life and work and at the same time can develop their skills and professional prospects with us. We value their cultural diversity and diversity and want them to feel at home in our company and experience equality. Accordingly, we protect them from discrimination.

We also protect our colleagues abroad through comprehensive security risk and crisis management. Being and staying healthy is an important goal for everyone. We promote this concern of our employees through a company-wide, holistic health management. An intact environment is a basic requirement. That is why we encourage our employees whenever they are committed to a sustainable environment or a lower ecological footprint.