The world has secret billionaires

Rich list: 120 secret billionaires in Germany?

The Briton Rupert Hoogewerf, who lives in Shanghai, has tracked down 1,453 billionaires for his new Hurun ranking. His now presented global list of all croissants in the world is not only the most extensive such list - it was also presented for the first time in Beijing instead of New York. And with good reason: Most billionaires (608) today come from Asia. Ascending trend. Every second of them (317) is Chinese. So there are almost as many billionaires in the Middle Kingdom today as there are today in all of Europe (324).

Women also break into the traditionally money-making world of men. One in ten billionaires is already female today. L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt not only won the Hurun title of currently the richest woman on the planet with her fortune of 30 billion dollars; the 90-year-old also made it into the top ten of the new crème de la crème of the global money nobility for the first time.

Mexicans Slim back on top

Her counterpart as the richest man in the world has again become the 74-year-old Mexican Carlos Slim, South America's telecommunications giant, owner of mines and banks. Last year he topped all lists with a fortune of $ 55 billion.

This year he's number one again at Hoogewerf with $ 66 billion, pursued by the legendary 82-year-old Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway). As an investor, he still has a golden hand. His fortune rose to $ 58 billion, 21 percent more than the year before.

Since 1999, Hoogewerf has been hunting the wealth elites of Asia and China with its annual Hurun wealthy lists. Last year he presented his first worldwide list of the 83 richest. You must have at least ten billion US dollars to be included in the exclusive Ten Zeros Club.

The list was a global first in this category, which encouraged the 42-year-old and his team to track down the much larger group of global citizens who own more than a billion dollars in personal wealth.

The year-long research was difficult. Most billionaires in Europe, for example, "treat their wealth discreetly, especially the Germans," said Hoogewerf to the "Welt".

The inconspicuous Germans

He came across 61 billionaires, who put Germany in fourth place in its world rankings, after the USA (409), China (317) and Russia 88. Hoogewerf estimates that in Germany “there are also around 120 billionaires that we still have not knowing. They really try hard to remain low key (inconspicuous). "

The richest Germans on his list are Karl Albrecht (Aldi), who made it to 16th place with 28 billion dollars, and Wolfgang Porsche, who made it to 23rd place with 22 billion dollars.

Together, the Americans and Chinese made "almost exactly half of all billionaires on my list today," says Hoogewerf. But he admits that the number of unreported cases is high worldwide. There were more dollar billionaires secretly living on every continent than ever before.