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  • Martial law in Poland - help from Germany

    12/19/2014 - December 13, 1981 - Tanks roll through the winter streets of Poland. After long strikes and demonstrations, the communist government did that Martial law decided. People die, are interned, and food is scarce. A difficult time for the population. The phase of the Martial law but at a time of reconciliation.


  • Martial law

    Wars are always cruel and brutal. In order to at least alleviate the horrors of the wars, there is one Martial law. It specifies exactly what can and cannot be done in a war. For example, it is forbidden to harm the civilian population. Prisoners of war must not be tortured or killed and must be fed.


  • What does it mean if Martial law prevails?

    11/10/2015 - In the far east of northeast India there is the state of Manipur. Various groups have long been fighting for their independence from India. To fight these rebels, the Indian government sent soldiers to the region and for Manipur that Martial law enact. This means that special laws apply to the army in the fight against the rebels.


  • Policy for children, simply explained - HanisauLand

    01/14/2004 - War ban Das Martial law is part of international law. They are treaties that state exactly how everyone who wages war against one another should behave in a war. In the past, the king of one country determined whether he would go to war against another country in order to achieve his goals.


  • NATO double decision

    02/27/2006 - While the Western European states moved closer together in the European Communities, new conflicts in the East overlapped the end of the decade of détente and the beginning of the 1980s. Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan. After the emergence of a labor movement independent of the state, this became the case for Poland Martial law imposed.


  • Lexicon - war crimes

    01/14/2004 - In Martial law is prescribed how the warring states are to behave. For example, it is forbidden to cruelly treat civilians and kill soldiers or troops who surrender.


  • War crimes

    War crimes are violations of international law. Various international agreements regulate this Martial law. It defines what is allowed in wars - and above all what is forbidden. Nevertheless, war crimes are repeatedly committed in wars, such as the killing of civilians, (mass) rape, atrocities against prisoners of war, many types of torture, ethnic "cleansing" and genocide (genocide).


  • Poland - History of Poland II

    08/11/2017 - History of Poland from the 18th century to the present day

    From the content:

    [...] The Martial law Loyal to the line General Jaruzelski announced this in December 1981 Martial law. The leaders of Solidarność were arrested, [...]


  • Nuremberg Trials | simply explained for children and students

    11/28/2011 - The Nuremberg Trials began on November 20, 1946 and lasted until April 1949. The main war criminals of the Nazi regime were tried in court. Twelve of the 24 main war criminals were sentenced to death, and seven accused received long prison terms. Three men were acquitted because their guilt could not be proven.

    From the content:

    [...] against that Martial law and 4. crimes against humanity. With the Nuremberg trials, judicial history was also written, because the charge "planning and conducting a war of aggression" was new. It came [...]


  • War or Peace in Georgia?

    08/12/2008 - There have been conflicts between the neighboring states of Russia and Georgia for a long time. On Thursday (August 7th) the situation escalated and a war broke out for the Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Initially, the conflict seems to have been defused. The question remains whether the peace will last.

    From the content:

    [...] (Source: Wikipedia) That that Martial law was imposed in Georgia, the result of conflicts that have existed since the country's independence. It is primarily about the so-called "breakaway regions" of the country. [...]


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