What is an OEM part number

OE numbers of spare parts for cars - useful information about comparison numbers

Regardless of whether it is accident damage or normal wear and tear: not all parts on the car last forever. Every now and then, parts need to be replaced. If you want to renew the individual parts yourself, you need to know which automotive parts are the right ones. But what do EAN, OE, MPN, manufacturer no. and OEM number? In our guide we explain what reference numbers are and how you can find the right spare parts for your car.

Which numbers are important when buying auto parts?

Every product on the market is marked with a number.

There are numbers that concern the car and numbers that are assigned by the parts manufacturers. For organizational reasons there is many different number-digit identifications to associate cars and automotive parts. In the case of cars, this means that every car and every spare part has not just a number, but several different identifications. In the following sections we explain the meaning of the most important comparison numbers.

Vehicle identification number

This number is on the registration and is also called the chassis number. They are assigned by the manufacturer. you clearly assigns a registration certificate to a very specific carwhose chassis number matches the number on the ticket. The VIN is used when ordering spare parts only required in exceptional cases.

KBA number of the car

The KBA number is also used as a type code number or manufacturer number. designated. It has nothing to do with the spare part number of the part, but reveals it Make and type of the car. It consists of two different numbers with 4 or 3 digits. The key number makes things much easier in online shops, as the selection of spare parts can be quickly narrowed down with your help.

What is a comparison number?

Each auto part has several numbers that are needed in different places. The original equipment manufacturer of a car manufacturer, for example, awards one for each spare part OE number or OEM number. The OE number is used to identify the Assign parts to the car, even if other manufacturers offer replica parts. The OE and OEM numbers have nothing to do with the EAN. This is important for sales and trading.

Spare parts are available from different manufacturers in different locations. Reference numbers are used to identify the same parts. They help, for example, To distinguish original parts from replica parts. In the following sections, our guide goes into more detail on the comparison numbers of the car parts.

What does OEM mean?

The term OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) refers to a part that manufactured exclusively for the respective car manufacturer becomes. It doesn't matter whether the manufacturer builds the part himself or has it delivered. It is important that it is not used by any other manufacturer. All auto parts that are subject to a patent or other legal protection are covered by this and are provided with an OEM number.

What is an OE number?

The OE number (Original Equipment) stands for a part number with which the Assignment between spare part and car is possible. Auto parts with OE number will be on behalf of or under license from the automaker produced. One also speaks of "ident parts" or "original equipment manufacturers". The part is provided with the OE number by the respective manufacturer.

The same OE part can installed in different cars and in this case has the same OE number everywhere. The Difference between OEM and OE is that OEM parts are made for each car, whereas OE parts are used in several cars.

Note: A part with the same OE number can also from different manufacturers Pop up. This is the case, for example, when the car manufacturer installs the part in series, but the parts manufacturer also sells it independently as a spare part. In this case, there are two different manufacturer IDs on it, but the same OE number.

What are "replicas" and what does "OEM quality" mean?

The term "aftermarket" is used for parts that are used by the manufacturer not used in series production become. This affects a large number of spare parts from different manufacturers. These are often referred to as “replicas” for short, as there is no separate licensing or approval by the car manufacturer. However, these auto parts are just as legal as OE parts.

Replica parts must have the meet legal safety requirements, nevertheless it can Differences in quality and price give. Using the example of brake pads, this could mean: Cheap aftermarket brake pads have the same braking effect like the original coverings, but have a something shorter lifespan. New and original parts are usually guaranteed for two years. In the case of replacement parts, the manufacturer can refer to them at least one year guarantee reduce.

Often associated with aftermarket parts from OEM quality the speech. That means: The manufacturer of the part promises that it will be a comparable quality having like the original part. However, only the actual manufacturer of the original part may call themselves the original equipment manufacturer.

What is an EAN?

The EAN (European Article Number) is an internationally unique number for identifying a product. you shows a product 100% and consists of 8 or 13 digits. The EAN is used in almost all areas of trade, but is less important when searching for auto parts.

What is an MPN?

The MPN (Manufacturer Product Number) is the Manufacturer item number. It is assigned by the manufacturer and only used by him. This means that the manufacturer can assign the number to a part. The MPN allows you to find out the replacement part, but you need to know the manufacturer.

Do spare parts from another vehicle model also fit?

There is no general answer to this question because it is very many different auto parts gives. Some parts are built exclusively for a car or brand, others are used in several models or brands.

In principle, it is possible that parts from another car will also fit. Parts such as brake discs are widely used in several automobiles. If you have the opportunity, compare the OE numbers both parts. If these are identical, then the spare part from the other car will fit.

Overview of the different comparison numbers

  • OEM / OE number - unique, manufacturer-independent identification of the spare part
  • EAN - unique, international assignment of an article
  • MPN - assignment of an article to the manufacturer
  • Chassis identification number - unique number under which the car is registered
  • KBA number / key number - number combination under which the manufacturer and vehicle type are listed at the Federal Motor Transport Authority

Step by step instructions: Which spare part number can I use to find the right car part?

In this section of the guide, we explain how to assign and order automotive parts. The Allocation of spare parts is done in most cases via the OEM or OE number, in some cases also via the EAN or MPN. In principle, each of these numbers is suitable for clearly assigning a spare part.

From your car you should get the Key numbers keep ready. These are not always necessary, but in some cases they can Accelerate the search process.

1. Find out the OE number or OEM number of the spare part

A clear assignment of the spare part with the OE number. The OE number is also the quickest way to find the right car part. You can usually find these on the part itself. The number is usually clearly visible imprinted. The OE number is common on metal parts stampedso that it is still visible after a long time. However, the location is not always visible from the outside.

Alternatively, you can on a previous invoice check. Here you will find the OE or at least an article number with which you can assign the spare part. In most cases, the Manufacturer of the car help to find the correct OE number.

2. Enter the number in the shop

You have your OE number found? Then use our online shop. Enter the OE number in the search mask a. As a result, you should be able to see all parts with this number. These can be different auto parts if multiple manufacturers produce the same part.

You own no OE number? Then just use the HSN / TSN (key numbers) for your search. Enter the first number (2.1) and the first three digits of the second number (2.2). Based on this identification, we can determine the manufacturer and type of your car and significantly limit the selection of spare parts. Then look for the replacement part, e.g. B. "Brake Disc".

3. Select the spare part

Have you found suitable parts and the OE numbers match? Then you can order the automotive parts. These will fit your car and can be fitted or changed with the help of our guides.

Pay attention: For parts that no original parts are you can with small differences in quality calculate. However, all car parts, including the inexpensive ones, must completely meet the required, strict safety standards. So you go no risk one when you buy cheap auto parts.

Buy parts yourself - cut costs

With almost all car spare parts, you have the option of buying them yourself from a spare parts dealer or purchasing them from a workshop. Lower the cost of your auto parts. The cheapest price achieve when you change your auto parts order yourself using the key numbers. If necessary, make sure that it is OEM quality.

Buy car parts through the workshop

Don't you dare to procure the spare parts for your vehicle yourself? Then you can of course use auto parts in a workshop, car dealership or branch order. The specialist will only fit spare parts that are suitable for your car. You have to go with it here, however higher cost reckon, since workshops are usually the more expensive Original parts from the original equipment manufacturer to buy.