What is the most mind-blowing moment in a movie

Top 10: The best films of 2018

10th place: extinction

Alex Garland's ambitious science fiction film about a mysterious substance from outer space is one of the most talked about films of 2018. Extinction is not your typical alien film: Instead, Garland relies on metaphorical concepts and transcendental visual gadgets, which above all turn the end of the film into one of the most stunning film moments of 2018.

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9th place: The Disaster Artist

Film fans agree: The room is the worst movie ever. Now James Franco has us with him The disaster artist the backstory of this disastrous masterpiece was given, for which he sat on the director's chair as well as took on the lead role. The film about the unsuccessful filmmaker Tommy Wiseau is hilarious and at the same time inspiring and encouraging. We will leave out a mandatory quote at this point The room. But no matter how is your sex life?

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8th place: Roma

Another Netflix Original: Master director Alfonso Cuarón lands after his bombastic space film Gravity back on earth again and brings us one of the most authentic art house films of the year. Located in the shattered Mexico of the 70s, we follow the everyday life of a housemaid who is brought to her knees by life. Cuarón's work is a lively portrait of the time, which is bursting with merciless realism and which keeps you busy. Roma is a sure Oscar nominee!

7th place: Spider-Man: A New Universe

Neither of us would have expected this film to make our top 10 list. Spider-Man: A New Universe breathes new life into the superhero, which has been used up by a number of spin-offs and reboots. The original story and the beautiful animations make the difference A New Universe probably the best Spidey movie since Spider-Man 2. With a lot of self-irony and a lot of heart, the film is a real crowd pleaser.

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6th place: Lady Bird

A film captured from life: Lady Bird has no story in the traditional sense, but accompanies a young and creative protagonist with the nickname “Lady Bird” through her last threshold of growing up. Saoirse Ronan delivers the performance of her career. Lady Bird is not a hard-to-digest character drama, but a heartwarming character study of a teenage girl trying to break out of the conservative American Midwest. The film doesn't forget to play on the laughing muscles of the audience every now and then.

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