Why do you need rights

Rights and duties in training

2. MaterialFor your apprenticeship you need e.g. tools, writing materials or work clothes. You must handle these things carefully. You have to buy the things for the vocational school yourself.The company must provide you with the material you need for work and exams free of charge.3. Vocational schoolVocational school is compulsory. You have to go there.Your company has to release you for the vocational school. If the lessons last longer than five lessons, you don't need to go back to the company. But this only applies once a week.4. ActivitiesYou are not allowed to do anything that you cannot physically manage or that is dangerous for you. Also no assembly line work at a prescribed work pace.The job must be part of the training. Your boss may not assign you any tasks that are private to them, such as going shopping or looking after their children.5. Report book / proof of training

You have to write training certificates throughout your training. These are brief accounts of what you have done and learned. If you do not have all the evidence, you will not be admitted to the exam!

Tip: Write the evidence every day. It's hard to know what you've been up to after a week.

Your trainer must check and also sign your training certificates.6. InstructionsYou need to follow instructions from your manager. Unless it is not part of your training. Cleaning the workshop, for example, is part of cleaning your boss's car, but not. Your supervisors are not allowed to give you instructions that are aimed at the exercise of "employment contrary to training".7. ProtectionYou have to adhere to the safety rules in the workplace. e.g. wear protective clothing or remove piercings.Your employer must inform you about the safety and order regulations.8. Business secretOf course, you are not allowed to divulge anything that is a trade secret.
Tip: If you're not sure what's confidential, just ask.9. Initial examinationYou can only begin your training with a medical certificate. The certificate assures your company that you are fit enough for the training.Your company is not allowed to train you without a medical certificate if you are not yet of legal age.