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Receipt requirement - the clever approach from GreenBill.

of Stephan Lamprecht on January 30, 2020 in News

In press releases, on Facebook, Twitter and in blogs, dealers and restaurateurs continue to announce their displeasure with the receipt of receipts from the new cash register law. A lot of energy is put into argumentation as to why the receipt obligation is superfluous anyway or under what conditions a retailer could forego upgrading the cash register system to a technical security device and printing out the receipt. It would be very easy, at least that's the opinion of the makers of GreenBill.

As already written several times at this point, the cash register security regulation explicitly allows the issuing of a digital receipt. In essence, it is important that a receipt is created and given to the customer. The paper form is not required. The digital transmission of information that is already available digitally is technically not the problem. It's just about the last few centimeters. How does the digital receipt get to the customer standing in front of the checkout? Greenbill has worked on this problem and has found an amazingly simple way.

The answer to the open questions is the “GreenBill Box”, which the company has been working on for around two years. This is a small mini-computer that is connected to the cash register (or the retailer's LAN). The device is now used to present the electronic receipt on a tablet. The customer can decide how he wants to receive the receipt. If he does not, a receipt was created in a comprehensible and digitally archived manner. So the dealer fulfills his obligation. The customer can also have the receipt printed out via the user interface as usual, or he can opt for digital transmission. In this case, he scans the displayed QR code with his smartphone in order to load the receipt as a PDF onto his device. Or they can enter their email address and receive the PDF in their inbox.

Thanks to the cloud, connecting the Greenbill Box to the retailer system should be very easy. (All pictures from the manufacturer)

The customer does not have to download an app. It is just as easy to use on the retailer's side. The box works without installing any software on the cash register system. As a cloud-based solution, it is available immediately after setup. The official launch of the system is scheduled for February 15th. The box is currently being tested in productive operation at retailers and restaurateurs.

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