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2Pac | biography

His short life was marked by many ups and downs. His story is that of the strong-willed young black man who, despite all adversities, never lets his goals out of sight, who manages to make his dreams come true. Two souls are hidden in his chest - that of the tender prophet and that of the rebellious gangster. Probably the most controversial figure next to Snoop Doogy Dogg in rap. Suddenly he passed away, killed by gunshots from contract killers (?). The case has still not been resolved after more than 7 years. Tupac Amaru Shakur's death becomes a mystery. He becomes a cult figure. "How is that possible?" The detective game begins ...

His albums:
"2Pacalypse NOW" 1991
"Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z." 1994
"Me Against The World" 1995
“Thug Life Vol.1” 1994
"All Eyez On Me" 1996
Makaveli: “The 7 Day Theory” 1997
“R U Still Down?” 1998
“Greatest Hits” 1999
“Still I Rise” 1999
“The Rose That Grew From Concrete Vol.1” 2000
"Lost Tapes"
“Until The End Of Time” 2001
“Better Dayz” 2002

His films:
"JUICE" from 1992
Paramount Home Video
Co-actors: Omar Epps, Jeremaine Hopkins, a.o.

Columbia Tristar
Co-Actors: Janet Jackson, Tyra Ferrel, et al.

“ABOVE THE RIM” from 1994
New Line Cinema
Co-Actors: Duane Martin, Marlon Wayans, a.o.

"BULLET" from 1997
New Line Home Video
Co-Actors: Mickey Rourke, Ted Levine, et al.

“GRIDLOCK´D” from 1997
Paramount Home Video
Co-Actor: Tim Roth et al.

“GANG RELATED” from 1997
Orion Pictures
Co. Actors: James Belushi, Lela Rochon, Dennis Quaid, and others

Tupac Shakur's life

Lesane Parish Crooks was born on June 16, 1971 to Alice Fayne Walker, later Afeni Shakur. He won't get to know his biological father until he is five years old, but he will never have any real contact with him. Until then he believed he was the son of Lumumba Abdul Shakur, who was married to his mother but had been imprisoned since birth. Lumumba and his mother were supporters of the Black Panther movement, from which Lesane gets the name Tupac Amaru Shakur, based on a freedom fighter from the Inca period "Tupac Amaru". Shakur means "godly"
Lumumba's brother Mutulu Shakur takes care of mother and son from now on. He is accepted and loved by Tupac as a father. Tupac will later move from the east to the west coast.

Tupac was interested in literature in his early years, not least because of the influence of his mother, who did everything to keep him off the streets. He reads about Malcolm X, Machiavelli, Patrice Lumumba and others. His stepfather Mutulu is wanted by the police and has to go into hiding. Tupac loses a "father" again. What his mother Afeni has managed to date at Tupac is obviously denied to her. Again and again she feels attracted to men who earn their living as criminals. The new man by your side will be legs. Later it is said that it was Legs who introduced Tupac on the "crooked path" into the "Thug Life" (this expression should be emblazoned as an oversized tattoo on his stomach from now on) - into the gangster life. Legs died a few years later as a drug addict in prison of a heart attack and Tupac remained, as in all these years, only his mother (now a drug addict himself), with whom he fell out because he changed his way of life.

Without knowing it, 2 PAC laid the foundation for his musical career in 1984 under the name MC New York. At that time he was already writing his first poems. At school he was considered the outsider - “I was a really nerd!” Tupac joins a theater group in Harlem. He is fascinated by the feeling of being on stage and acting. He changes drama school and is trained in ballet, poetry and music, among other things; In addition to various roles, he also plays the Mouse King in the Nutcracker and Othello. There he met Jada Pinkett, the current wife of comedian and musician Will Smith. Tupac Shakur always fondly thinks back to what was probably the happiest time in his young life.

2PAC now lives with his mother in California, where his big breakthrough as a rap star is imminent. He meets Charles Fuller and Brewster who help him improve his rap style. 2PAC learns that his stepfather Mutulu has been sentenced to 60 years in prison. This only puts the icing on the cake of his anger and he has his feelings written off his soul. Soon he has enough material for his first long player "2Pacalypse Now". 2Pac dives into the swamp of drugs and violence, but he has one goal: to be the most successful rapper among all competitors at the time. He has 2 P A C tattooed on his left chest.