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Membership in ICC Austria offers you and your entrepreneur / bank / law firm many advantages:


Advice & support for your international business activities


We, or the experts who cooperate with us, will be happy to advise you in your daily work on all matters

  • Drafting of import & export contracts

  • Incoterms + international contract law, UN sales law, documents in foreign trade

  • Legal issues & financing in international mechanical and plant engineering

  • Documentary letters of credit + bank guarantees, bank payment obligations, etc.

  • Tactical / strategic approach in international negotiations + drafting of contracts

  • Arbitration + mediation - as well as disputes prevention

  • Anti-corruption - doing business successfully even in difficult countries without corruption

  • Prevention of economic crime (fraud, espionage)

  • Compliance and due diligence

  • Cross cultural management

Take advantage of the opportunities that your membership in ICC Austria offers you, but above all: Make your colleagues and employees aware of these opportunities!




Choose from around 120 events on the legal aspects of foreign trade. As a member you will of course receive a discount of 20% on all ICC events.




ICC publishes hundreds of special publications on legal issues relating to international trade, import-export financing and international dispute resolution. As a member you will of course receive a discount of 10% when purchasing our publications.

Elaboration of international trade rules


The International Chamber of Commerce continuously creates and revises rules for international trade such as Incoterms, documentary letters of credit, bank guarantees, ATA carnets, which you use in almost every purchase or delivery contract.


For example, all countries of the world are involved in renegotiating Incoterms, as these must also be recognized worldwide! You know how tough negotiations within Austria can be when it comes to issues such as financial equalization, the Semmering Base Tunnel, etc., so global negotiations are all the more difficult. The ICC coordinates and finances these negotiations and then trains business people and banks all over the world. The ICC ensures that your Russian or Chinese business partner also knows about Incoterms. You save a lot of money here because you don't have to renegotiate every single detail in your contract, but can fall back on globally accepted standard clauses. ICC Austria makes its contribution - also financially - and can only then do this in your interest perceiveif we receive active support from you here.


Economic crime prevention


The ICC-Commercial Crime Bureau is the only worldwide organization that works like a "preventive Interpol". About 80% of the scams run according to recurring patterns. If you know these, you can avoid dangers. ICC Austria alone prevents cases with an offer volume of around Eur 2-3 billion annually.


International arbitration


The ICC International Court of Arbitration is the largest dispute settlement organization in the world. Values ​​in dispute of around € 100 billion are pending at the ICC Court of Arbitration. Austrian companies are both plaintiffs and defendants in international proceedings and Austrian lawyers are sought-after arbitrators in international proceedings.

ICC also organizes "soft" dispute resolution methods e.g. mediation, dispute boards (for construction and plant construction contracts), expertise (for technical mediation and appraisal), DOCDEX (for disputes in international trade and project finance)


Lobbying for international free trade


The ICC is the only private organization that is accredited to the WTO in Geneva on an ongoing basis

to work for tariff dismantling and against trade barriers. The documents distributed by the ICC are among the most widely read at the WTO because they are the only ones to express a globally coordinated industrial position.


Acting personalities at ICC


President of the ICC worldwide is Sunil Mittal, Bharti Airtel, India, In-coming First Vice President is John Denton, Australia and Past Chairman is Harold McGraw, USA.


ICC Austria is the national organization of this worldwide network. President is Dr. Richard Schenz, former General Director of OMV, as Vice President are Dr. Herbert Stepic, former CEO of RBI, RA Dr. Christian Dorda, senior partner of the law firm Dorda Brugger Jordis, KR Helmut Klomfar, former curator of the Hernstein Institute and Dr. Ulrich Stepski, owner of BLF Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH, at the side.



Membership fees 2021


Download further information and registration form for companies >>>
Download further information and registration form for companies >>>


up to 200 employees EUR 550 .--

201 - 600 employees EUR 935 .--

601 - 1000 employees EUR 1,320

1001 - 2000 employees EUR 1,980 .--

more than 2000 employees EUR 2,640 .--


Closed group membership (individual memberships possible)

up to 5 affiliated companies EUR 3,850

up to 10 affiliated companies EUR 7,700

11 or more affiliated companies EUR 11,000

Lawyers, public accountants, other liberal professions

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Download further information and registration form tax offices >>>


up to 4 lawyers, tax experts EUR 550 .--

5 - 8 lawyers, tax experts EUR 935 .--

9 - 20 lawyers, tax experts EUR 1,320

21 - 35 lawyers, tax experts EUR 1,980 .--

from 36 lawyers, tax experts EUR 2,640 .--

Banks and savings banks

Download further information and registration form for banks >>>


up to 100 employees EUR 550 .--

101 - 300 employees EUR 935 .--

301 - 600 employees EUR 1,320

601 - 1200 employees EUR 1,980 .--

from 1200 employees EUR 2,640 .--


The membership fees apply per calendar year. Membership can be canceled at the end of the current calendar year.


Annual report 2019/2020 (+ annex to the annual report: Statistics Arbitration)


For more information about membership in ICC Austria

Claudia Drexler
T: + 43-1-504 83 00-3716
E: c.drexler (at) icc-austria.org