Helps whiskey with a sore throat

Sore throat? Gargling with whiskey helps!

Especially now in winter, with rain, snow and cold, we are prone to all kinds of colds. If it has gotten to you, then nothing helps. The bed is then your best friend and the medication from the doctor does the rest. But if the cold is only just beginning, you usually don't have any medication at home. But you can still do something about the onset of a sore throat.

High percentage alcohol disinfects

There are many home remedies that are supposed to help against the onset of a cold. Many drugs are expensive and only available in pharmacies. However, if you only feel a slight scratchy throat and want to be on the safe side, we recommend this home remedy so that the scratching disappears quickly:

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Take a sip of whiskey or any other high-proof alcohol (but please don't liqueur, it's not that cheap) and gargle a few seconds. Then theSpit out the whiskey.

If it is late in the evening and you no longer have to drive or go to work, then you can also let it flow down your throat.

The alcohol burns in the inflamed throat first, but it has one disinfecting effect. Be like that Short-term relief from sore throats. This home remedy is particularly suitable if the sore throat prevents you from falling asleep.

But be careful, the sore throat are still present even after several days and you should rather go hand in hand with other symptoms see a doctor!

Throat drops help too

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